Purple Makes You Smile

What does the colour purple remind you of (no, not the novel or the movie but the actual shade of purple)?

Well, they say colours say a lot about a person and that is actually true even for businesses – corporate shades define what brands stand for and more importantly, how the public relates to the brand persona.

And it is with this realisation that back in October 2019, MCIS Insurance Berhad (MCIS Life) launched its rebranding initiative spotting a bold new, primary corporate colour.

The company adopted purple as its shade of choice to signal a number of salient points to the Malaysian market including:

– the transformation that the brand has undergone since its inception dating back to 1954 and the introduction of its new business core values, vision & mission;

– the company’s new brand ethos of ‘People Helping People’ which amplifies the essence of what the life insurer strongly believes in; and

– to introduce its majority shareholder, the Sanlam Group, headquartered in South Africa

Syncing Purple With Positivity

Two years following the debut of the life insurer’s rebranding initiative which puts the shade purple as the epicentre of its new brand identity, MCIS Life has now embarked on a unique marketing drive to make their corporate shade nothing short of becoming viral.

And this is being done in a truly differentiated manner for a number of reasons (just in case you have not spotted any one of their 60 plus billboards spread across Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Johor Bharu, Melaka, Ipoh & Penang) which we feel is worth taking note.

“We call it the ‘purple attack’ strategy aimed at giving consumers, particularly Malaysians, a fresh approach towards brand advertising as the nation enters the Covid-19 recovery phase with caution. You’ll notice that our advertising mediums position our corporate colour as the centre of attention with the copy being kept to the minimum.”

Ragunath Murthy mcis purple mysenyum

“With the natural transition of the country into a well-managed pandemic recovery period, we are signalling to the market that it’s time to spread positive vibes and celebrate what each of us uniquely own – our smiles,” said Mr. Ragunath Murthy, Chief Distribution & Marketing Officer, MCIS Life.

The objective of this campaign is dual pronged at large as it aims for Malaysians to recognise purple (a corporate shade presently not explored in the local life insurance industry) as symbolic of the MCIS Life brand and more importantly, the company is calling upon all Malaysians to wear their brightest smile in an attempt to spread cheer and positivity.

Coming Soon

So we see the bright, purple coloured billboards most prominently displaying the copy ‘#MySenyum Detik Keriangan Bersama’ and decided to ask for further information (you can’t blame us for curiosity).

“Get set for something inspiring to be unveiled on 23 December 2021 as we get ready to welcome a brand new year with positive vibes,” added Ragunath who also revealed that the campaign’s activation is set to make a presence on the digital front.

With #PeopleHelpingPeople as its brand ethos, we’re deducing that the company is geared up to launch a campaign that is inclusive, creative and most importantly one that probably is centered around giving back to the community…well, it is just a couple of days more to go, so we’ll stay vigilant to keep you posted once more details are available!

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