Wrapping up IWM with Sledgehammer women

For the past four (4) weeks, MARKETING Magazine has been featuring one professional women from the industry as part of the month-long ‘Challenge Accepted’ feature series in conjunction with March’s International Women’s Day. To wrap up the series for the last Monday of the month, we are featuring the women of Sledgehammer Communications that power MARKETING Magazine in various capacities.

Each of them were asked two simple questions – 1) “What do you enjoy the most about your job or the industry you’re currently in and 2) “Knowing what you know now, what is one piece of advice you would give yourself when you started your career?

Here are their responses:

1. Lilna, Designer

“As a designer, every day brings new challenges, problems to solve and projects to get creative with. I enjoy being a life long learner to survive in the design profession and I Love that I get to be creative every day.”

One piece of advice that I would give myself when I started my career is, “Design inspiration is everywhere, your mind never stops creating and the main source of design inspiration comes from everything around you.”

2. Ruby, Events & Office Manager

“The trust I’ve received from my supportive boss and the free hand he’s given me in organising and running an event and then seeing the event come to life, the satisfaction of seeing attendees engaged with each other and lastly when they compliment us for a great event.”

One piece of advice that I would give myself when I started my career is, “Never stop learning.”

3. Shefali, Digital Marketing Manager

“Well I worked in the IT industry and now I am in the Advertising industry, so culture wise there is a vast difference in both. What I enjoy the most about this industry is that it is a very fun and dynamic industry and you face a lot of different tasks every day which is like a pool of learning opportunities and my job helps me in developing my personality as well.”

One piece of advice that I would give myself when I started my career is, “Be an opportunist, always be open to learn and discover.

4. Vasuki, Chief Content Officer

“What I love most about this industry is being in the intersection of creativity and profit driven strategies. As repetitive as it gets sometimes, there’s always someone or some company that is pushing the boundaries by doing something new or unique and as a trade writer, I find myself constantly learning and being inspired by good work.”

One piece of advice that I would give myself when I started my career is, “Trust that you have the skills and mindset needed to grow and as long as you remember to always seize learning opportunities, what job you start with doesn’t matter as much as you think it does.”

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