Mothers are Women, Too!

Changing Women’s Role in Society

Women manage multiple roles and being a mother is just the tip of the iceberg. Financial provider, spouse, teacher, chef, counselor…are all the other roles she manages in parallel.

These changing roles have been driven by more women joining the workforce, doubled in the last 30 years, primarily with the entry of mothers. Higher education is the other driver, data from Malaysia indicates today there are 138 women to 100 men studying post graduation in universities.

These changes have also not been possible with the changing role of men in society. WIth more men taking on household duties within dual working households. The average man has increased housework from 1.3 to 2 hours per day over a 20 year period.

This growing influence of women in society is reflected in the fact that today women control USD 31.8 trillion of spending globally. And their influence is felt by economies, including Malaysia.

Women’s Spending Power is On the Rise

Based on Nuren Group’s 2023 research, Malaysians’ Digital Habits & Trends, women were found to be the bigger spenders compared to men, with 90% going on online sprees at least once a week.

And these aren’t just limited to small, everyday purchases for the self and loved ones, but also lifetime investments.

Another survey by Nuren Group, Finance Trends in Malaysia Survey Report in 2024, revealed that 67% of women are taking charge when it comes to making financial decisions for themselves as well as their family.

Additionally, Nuren Group’s Property Buyer Behaviour Survey Report in 2022 survey showed that 95% of women actively take part in the property-buying decision within their families.

The data from Nuren Group’s research from Malaysia and Economic Intelligence Unit across Asia show that women are significantly influencing decision making across categories like housing products and furnishings, electronics…beyond just cosmetics, clothes, food and other daily necessities.

Thus, women make decisions not only for categories which they use for themselves but also those that impact the entire family.

Marketers that engage with women are in a position to impact a much bigger family budget.

Nuren Group Reaches over 3 million Women, Every Month

Nuren Group is quickly proving itself to be the digital epicenter for women in Malaysia. Being the one-stop hub where women are able to get access to the content and purchases in line with her different roles, including that of a mother and all the other roles she performs. Be it cooking recipes, children development tools, career advice…  all in one place.

When compared to other women-led online platforms, comes out on top as the most-trusted site amongst women (not just mothers).

Nuren has higher authority scores and organic traffic compared to other Malaysian women’s digital platforms like Nona, Bidadari, and Minguan Wanita*.

*As tracked by independent providers like Semrush

Nuren Group’s unique strength lies in its multifaceted approach to engaging with the large women audience. Using a combination of content and commerce to help connect consumers to brands, in an environment relevant for Malaysian women.

Through its marketplace, community, influencers, events and social media, Nuren Group carves its own niche in the women’s world. A strategically curated ecosystem that ensures women are engaged across different relevant touchpoints.

Nuren’s integration of content with the marketplace offers a synergy that prompts women to try new products and feel reassured about their consideration and  purchases. This is similar to the way Facebook has integrated its Marketplace and Newsfeed. This integration has seen growth in sales lift and even mid-funnel brand metrics.

With its current scale, Nuren Group has the potential to impact up to RM 157 billion of financial investments, RM 6.6 billion of milk purchases and RM 3.3 billion of cleaning products purchases per annum in Malaysia based on research done with the community.

A result of the trusted relationship that Nuren has built with its audience. A relationship that has evolved over the years to fulfill their changing needs. This trust is reflected in research data where 55% of the women in the community agree with the statement that they enjoy a very high level of trust with content on Nuren Group and share nuances of this relationship on video

So Why Choose Nuren Group to Engage the Women Audience in Malaysia:

  • Unique and Deep Understanding of Women: Beyond just being mothers but cover all the different roles of women
  • Multifaceted Approach: Vibrant ecosystem through marketplace, communities, influencers, events, and social media, all integrated for tracking
  • Content-Commerce Synergy: A seamless blend of informative content and curated products empowers women to make confident purchase decisions
  • Unsurpassed Reach: Largest aggregation of women on a digital platform, with significantly higher organic audience than local competitors
  • Trusted and Authentic: Over the years have built strong trust with the women of Malaysia

Embrace this power of women’s consumerism, contact today to explore how your brand can thrive in this environment.

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