Colombia “Welcomes New Vaginas” with first intimate wash for Trans Women

In a first of its kind, Colombian brand LifeCup, the country’s leading brand for Menstrual Cups alongside Wunderman Thompson Colombia, has designed a new product to help with the regeneration, hydration and skin care of the new vulvas of trans women – LifeFemT.

The product, an intimate wash that has been designed specifically for trans women who have undergone gender affirmation surgery, is the first product on the market which fits the specific needs of trans women’s new vulvas, such as pH balance, hydration and bacterial flora, and tissue regeneration.

A recent survey by Trans PULSE Canada revealed there is a significant unmet need for treatment of the neovaginal microbiome, with research showing that nearly half of transgender and gender diverse participants with vaginoplasty experienced gynecological symptoms in the past year, including malodor, abnormal or disturbing discharge, and itching (Krakowsky et al, 2022).

Realizing the the gap in the market for a product that is specific to trans womens’ physiological needs, Romina Rizzi and Stephanie Larumbe, female co-founders and leaders of LifeCup, and Wunderman Thompson Colombia developed LifeFemT.

It followed extensive research and product development with the most important gender affirmation surgeons and specialists in the country, as well as women belonging to the trans community.

Ximena Borré, a Trans woman who was part of the community that consulted on the project, explains why a product like this is so important: “Trans women are women, but we are also trans – and becoming who we are can take months or years, sometimes even when you’re fighting with yourself.

Right after gender affirmation surgery, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with questions like, how do I take care of myself? What product do I use?” Ximena was one of the women who tested the product and helped with the creation of the campaign.

LifeCup founders, Romina Rizzi and Stephanie Larumbe said: “We have worked closely with the top gender affirmation surgeons in the country, as well as trans women, to develop a product which will actually be useful to them – it’s one thing that they don’t need to worry about, they can just pick up and know that it’s specially made for them, giving them the specific formula needed to help them care for their new vagina.”

The formula for LifeFemT consists of amino acids, a lipid complex, as well as calendula, and aloe vera, and works to provide regeneration, hydration of the vulva and elasticity required by trans women’s new intimate area for their daily routine.

The product branding incorporates the trans flag, designed by Wunderman Thompson Colombia.

Daniel Payan, Chief Creative Officer for Wunderman Thompson Colombia, said: “Every so often a project comes our way which bears particular relevance and weight – and this was certainly one of them.

Romina and Stephanie realized that trans women needed an intimate care product which specifically caters to their needs, and so we have been very proud to help them develop LifeFemT.

Using the colours of the trans flag, we have created branding to show trans women that they are not only seen – but also welcomed.”

Álvaro H. Rodríguez, Colombian Surgeon, pioneer in transgender surgeries and member of the WPATH (World Professional Association for Transgender Health) said: “Vaginoplasty is a surgical intervention where we build a new vagina from the skin that the patient already has and where tilapia skin grafts are used to give it texture and greater elasticity.

This makes postoperative recovery deserves special care due to the new physiological characteristics, making it a little more complex care.

This is where this new daily use wash becomes relevant, because now trans women will be able to find a product on the market that fits the specific needs of their new vulva, such as pH, hydration and skin regeneration.”

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