GoPay wins hearts with touching spot


When GO-JEK first put out GoPay, no one expected it to go toe-to-toe with market incumbents; only of late did the Indonesian-based mobile wallet gained traction and its latest touching spot gives it a nice boost.

This new advertisement spot, making its debut in January 2019, shows how GoPay enables a family to go through life; specifically, it has a narrative that wins hearts. It’s a touching spot and saying anymore will spoil it all:

The execution of the main narrative and its twist has caused this commercial to go viral. Further to that, it became explosive the moment it appeared on TV and in cyberspace. Before GoPay or its agencies know what happened, the narrative started accelerating its organic reach.

Beyond going viral, this touching spot also enabled GoPay to hit its new users acquisition target within two weeks.

The brains behind this touching spot consist of Director Hafiz Ibrahim, Passion Pictures, and GO-JEK’s own Creative Labs.

For those who want to reach Passion Pictures, just click here.

Text by: Victor Yap

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