IPSOS: Malaysians Trust Companies with Personal Data

IPSOS: Malaysians trust companies with personal data

The latest global study from IPSOS Global Advisor reveals that Malaysians trust their government and businesses with their personal information. There is a catch, of course – both entities must be transparent; specifically, about what they’re going to do with the private data.

The study – World Economic Forum: Global Citizens & Data Privacy – is something the IPSOS has been working on since Q3 2018. On a global scale, the study sample covers 18,813 interviewees in the age range of 8 to 64. This is across 26 countries.

It’s from this report that the marketing research platform discovers this interesting detail about how Malaysians perceive data privacy. Coincidentally, it directly reflects other developing nations that value the benefits of sharing their personal data. Countries in the West are less inclined; after all, they believe in the high-value of fiercely protecting one’s privacy.

Malaysian Insights

According to the survey, 66% of the Malaysian sample tend to lean towards wanting more transparency. More to that, they also want to be paid or rewarded for sharing their personal information (64%). Of course, they also expect the very best for security and safeguards from whoever they give their data to.

When it comes to their data, Malaysians are generally very trusting with the following sectors: healthcare providers (57%) and (2) financial service companies (60%).


Interestingly, this is higher than the global average. Where 48% Malaysians, nearly 1 to 2, are trusting of companies with their personal data, only 36% of the world feel that way.

The very same Malaysians who are fine with sharing personal details for equal compensation believe reassurances are necessary as well. Their point of concern focuses on knowing that the government or business are of good character. That is the only reason they are more willing to open up. This need consist of two key demands: First, when the clearly understand the risks they face (55%); second, the service or product must meet the person’s needs (67%).


Text by: Victor Yap

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