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Check out ZAYAN’s inspiring run in 2018

From JOMO (Joy Of Missing Out) over the past two weeks, everybody’s now back to FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)!

So this is the best time for me to update you about Malay language radio brand ZAYAN which became 16 months old recently.

The brand, operated by Astro Radio, targets the new generation young Muslim demographic aged 18-35 and plays music from local and international artists. This digitally-led radio brand has been making waves with tech-savvy, mobile and socially connected fans. 

In fact, ZAYAN has gone beyond on-air engagement by creating inspiring original video content that spurs them to do more good deeds. It is the first Malaysian radio brand catering to modern Muslims, delivering music and content on its mobile app.

58 million video views

To date, ZAYAN’s total video views have hit 58 million. And it has been gaining wide traction with its audience through popular entertainment while championing humanity.  

We showcase three of them here.

Amira Lee: The story of a former Chinese flight attendant Nur Amira Ann Lee Abdullah who converted and her journey of embracing Islam.
Zarina Zainuddin: The bitter sweet life story of Zarina Zainuddin who is a famous Malaysian actress and how she takes care of her two autistic children. 

Waie Hidayah: To work on the flight deck, means to work in a male dominant environment. That hasn’t stopped 21-year old Waie Hidayah sharing her views from her unique office window on how she fulfilled her dream of becoming a pilot.

In the meantime, Astro Radio remains at the forefront of Malaysian radio listenership for all languages according to the latest GfK Radio Audience Measurement Survey (RAM): a cumulative 15.3 million or 76.4% Malaysian radio-listeners consume the 11 Astro Radio brands weekly.  

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