Paragone joins the Linkedin Marketing to provide its luxury customers with deeper insights for ads

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Paragone, a Perion company providing an advanced, multi-channel advertising management platform, announced its integration with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions. The integration will empower Paragone’s luxury customers with access to more insights, in order to optimise the performance of their digital advertisements on LinkedIn, in combination with other social channels.

According to a statement by the company, for Paragone’s luxury brands, this integration aims to offer “significant value” as LinkedIn has become an important advertising platform for “high consideration purchase” products. 

“We are excited to begin this arrangement with LinkedIn and help our advertisers, especially luxury brands, reach their audiences more effectively,” said general manager of Paragone, Shai Alfandary. “This integration will help our advertisers swiftly combine and analyze all necessary real-time data from across a myriad of channel sources in one interface, instead of having to extract, wrangle, and interpret data from each source manually.”

APM will allow luxury brands to target their ideal consumers on LinkedIn and accurately market to three groups:

  1. Professional facets: Run branding and awareness campaigns to reach affluent members, business travelers, members with high purchasing power, for example, those working in creative industries, finance, consulting, or millennials. 
  2. Interests or behavior: Target those who engage with luxury brands or fit with luxury buyer characteristics. 
  3. Re-targeting: Deliver unique content to audiences based on previous actions they have taken with a brand. Market to prospects and contacts by uploading a list of known contact IDs.

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