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5 steps to build a winning LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn – strictly for business!

LinkedIn is a brilliant tool for marketing because it gives you access to over 500 million business professionals all united under a single social universe. It’s a great spot if you are working in B2B and trying to get your message out to your potential buyers and decision makers.

In marketing, it’s really hard to figure out where your buyers exactly are, but with LinkedIn it’s very easy to find them. You target your criteria, use relevant filters and just send them a direct message. You can use paid advertising, organic means by sharing interesting content, message people directly – there are lots and lots of ways to reach your desired audience almost hassle-free.

As mentioned, LinkedIn is home to 500 million B2B buyers and offers numerous easy methods for reaching them. The other reason why LinkedIn is so powerful comes down to the fact that in contrast with other options, like SEO for example, which takes a long time to rank your content and get it seen (can take up to six months), LinkedIn provides instant access to almost anyone.

Or if we compare it to Facebook, as a B2B product or service provider, Facebook isn’t really a good place for you because it’s very hard to target people. Yes, you can target by field or company or job title, but it’s still a rather personal space for people, meaning their mindset is different here and if you operate in a smaller market – precise targeting is almost out of the question due to Facebook’s targeting restrictions.

Prior to messaging people, you need to make sure your profile is optimized towards building credibility. Does it reflect your best assets and expertise? LinkedIn is also very important in terms of SEO – most likely your LinkedIn profile pops up first in Google search results (like in my case):

You have 8 seconds to grab someone’s attention (yes, you read that right!) and the best way to get attention is to use your header photo, not your profile picture but that big header picture above your head. Your profile cover offers a lot of space to communicate additional credibility.

Step 1: Use a powerful header photo to grab attention.

Step 2: Don’t talk about yourself, let your customers know how you can help them with solving their problems.

People often replicate their CV on LinkedIn, ranting endlessly about themselves and mentioning facts nobody cares about. Instead, let them know how you can help!

LinkedIn expert Jonny Rose tells in his intro how he can help you.

Step 3: Change your LinkedIn URL keyword to promote your skills

Step 4: Complete your profile!

If all prompts are complete, you will receive an “All Star” profile rating!

Step 5: Get recommendations and endorsements

To build credibility and become an authority it’s crucial to have a sizeable amount of recommendations at the bottom of your LinkedIn profile. Ask previous colleagues or business partners – if you are good at what you do, it shouldn’t be a problem. Profiles that have many recommendations are much more likely to be social proof i.e. more likely to be trusted.

Third thing you can also do is endorsement which is a little different from recommendations. Recommendation is when you get people from your LinkedIn network to write nice things about you, endorsement means people will endorse you for a particular skill. Skill is almost like a thumbs on certain skills you have. You can get up to 99 points per skill, so you can get 99 individuals to endorse you for digital marketing or for legal compliance or for mathematics for example.

At the end of the day, when someone looks at your profile and sees strong logos of businesses you’ve worked with, even stronger personal recommendations and strong endorsements for particular skills, you can be almost certain he/she will be more willing to discuss further business with you.

B2B Digital Marketing trainer Hando Sinisalu will share his experience on how to build a successful LinkedIn profile. During the B2B Digital Marketing Conference on August 21, Hando will cover even more LinkedIn B2B marketing tools and tips.


In this hands-on workshop, Hando will analyse, deconstruct and construct your company’s digital presence as well as offer inspirational ideas from B2B brands, who have managed to produce content with real business results. 

There will be Award-winning B2B Marketing case study examples from all over the world!

Anyone with existing responsibility for developing digital advertising campaigns and looking to take their knowledge to the next level.

This includes Brand Managers, Marketing Managers, Digital Marketing Managers, Campaign Managers, Strategic Planners, Creative Professionals, Media Planners and Buyers as well.

The case studies will be from the following sectors:

  • IT service providers
  • Software companies
  • Financial services
  • Manufacturing
  • Telecommunications
  • Business consultancy services 

Some of the brands that will be featured in the case studies. 

For Example: 

Obsession for Smoothness by Double A & SPA-HAKUHODO (Japan) Machine Conversations by KONE & hasan and partners (Finland)  Finlandia by Forest Machines by NESTE, PONSSE & Kurio (Finland)  Business Facelift by Mastercard & McCann Worldgroup (Poland)   Paradise Found by SAS & Cheil Worldwide (Germany) 

And many more! 

A Few Points To Remember About This Workshop!

1) THIS IS NOT YOUR TRADITIONAL WORKSHOP An innovative hybrid between training, consultation and creative brainstorming.

2) CONSULTATION As a result of a highly personalised approach, each delegate will get practical advice on how to improve their content marketing. 

3) CREATIVE BRAINSTORMING Working as a creative team and sourcing from an extensive case study base, Hando will guide the group towards producing actionable marketing ideas. 

4) FINALLY, You will leave with a clear marketing action plan for your company. 


DATE: 21 August 2019

VENUE: Ballroom Eastin Hotel Tel : (+603) 2089 3688

TIME : 8.30 AM – 5.30 PM ADMISSION FEES : *1 Delegate – RM1,650* per pax*5 or more – RM1,500* per pax  * plus 6% SST

For more information on the event, click here for the registration kit.

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