Unlocking Consumer Insights, Tackling Mis/Disinformation with AI

by Weldon Fung, Senior Enterprise Executive and Ramnath (Ram) Bojeesh, Area Director – Enterprise Growth (Asia Pacific & Japan) at Meltwater 

At the Malaysian Marketing Conference & Festival 2024, Meltwater, a global leader in media intelligence and social analytics, showed how they can help businesses unlock impactful consumer insights and handle the challenge of mis/disinformation.

Meltwater’s Weldon and Ram highlighted how companies leveraging advanced technologies and AI saw revenue increases of up to 20%. And by integrating human input with AI, businesses achieved a significant boost in productivity and effectiveness.

They shared that the vast amounts of data and conversations on the social web, especially in the highly connected Asia-Pacific region, presented a valuable resource for understanding consumer attitudes and behaviours.

Microsoft and Meltwater 

Meltwater’s collaboration with Microsoft aims to showcase the integration of Meltwater’s listening tools within Microsoft Teams and Copilot.
This partnership provides real-time, data-driven insights, enabling users to interact with Meltwater data using conversational language and streamline various marketing processes.

An example is Danone, which used Meltwater’s social listening tools to track and predict trending ingredients, resulting in significant market share gains.

Case Study: Danone

Danone partnered with Meltwater to track and predict trending ingredients using social listening and predictive machine learning models with Danone’s Global Social Media Intelligence Director Christian Veysseyre.

The task was to analyse billions of data points on food-related public content through predictive machine learning models and identify the ingredients statistically most likely to grow in popularity in the future, out of the 1,500 possible candidates.

Trying to spot trends from weak signals was addressed through the analyses of large data sets using predictive machine learning models.

The idea being to bring products to market in front of the trend. Products that benefited from Meltwater’s social listening implementation gained 4% to 13% market share.

Fake news travels 6 times faster than truth.

Meltwater’s AI models also identified and mitigated the spread of harmful narratives. From detecting suspicious activity to analysing content toxicity, these tools were essential for maintaining brand integrity in a world where fake news travels six times faster than the truth.

The presentation identified the importance of Search intelligence and AI models in combating dis/misinformation.

Moving forward, Meltwater plans to create AI twins of ideal customers, offering even more personalised and effective marketing strategies.

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Two days of inspiring talks, peer discussions, demonstrations that generated mind-enriching experiences for over 250 delegates. The event also starred celebrity podcaster Khairy Jamaluddin, Director @ Seven Network Sydney Lucio Ribeiro, creative superstar Farrokh Madon, Prompt Engineer Indhran Indhraseghar, Malaysia’s CMOs of the Year 2023 and many more…

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