Kiriman Mak: An Aidilfitri short film by Pos Malaysia

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Pos Malaysia is proud to present Kiriman Mak, its very own short film production for Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

Viewers are introduced to Ahmad, a postman who was asked by his mother to send an important package home, containing items for Hari Raya. Unknown to her, Ahmad has taken leave for Hari Raya and planned a surprise–to deliver the package himself.

Ahmad’s simple and straightforward mission was foiled when he missed his express bus home. Disappointed but adamant, he made his way to a Pos Malaysia outlet where he works, to seek help.

There, his colleagues lent their expertise to help him be reunited with his mother, by planning route based on Pos Malaysia’s extensive distribution and delivery network.

To find out the ending, Kiriman Mak is available for viewing at Pos Malaysia’s official Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

Kiriman Mak is a self-produced short film by Pos Malaysia, which includes the overall concept, script and direction. The film took two months to complete, from of pre-production to post-production, involving Pos Malaysia and external talents and crew.

Launched simultaneously on all Pos Malaysia social media platforms on 20 April 2022, Kiriman Mak garnered 71,000 views on YouTube, 16,000 views on Facebook and 12,402 views on Instagram to date.

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