Petronas Celebrates Cultural Heritage with Heartfelt Kaamatan Festival Short Film

In a world often consumed by the relentless pursuit of progress, Petronas, Malaysia’s national oil company, has crafted a heartwarming reminder of the beauty found in preserving cultural roots.

Their 4.55 minute short film “Linundus Do Koubasanan” (Guardian of Tradition) directed with finesse by Bebbra Mailin and Rewan Ishak, is a poignant love letter to the rich traditions of the Kadazan and Dusun communities in Sabah, also referred to as,“Land Below the Wind”.

Through the innocent eyes of young Fridden Jamur Matthew, we are transported into the vibrant tapestry of customs, dialects and ways of life that have sustained these indigenous peoples for generations.

As Fridden dutifully aids in the Kaamatan preparations under his father’s guidance, we witness the seamless transmission of ancestral wisdom from one generation to the next.

Imperative to Honour One’s Heritage

The film’s power lies in its ability to spotlight both the particulars that make the Kadazan and Dusun cultures distinct, while also elevating the universal truth that binds all communities – the imperative to honour one’s heritage.

Fridden’s journey encapsulates the profound realisation that preserving traditions isn’t an exercise in blind obedience, but a conscious choice to uphold the shared identity that fortifies the human experience.

What makes this film truly inspiring, however, is its clarion call for unity amidst diversity.

The poignant tagline “We progress together when we preserve our traditions in the name of harmony” is a powerful mantra that challenges us to embrace the multitude of cultures as threads that can be woven into a vibrant, cohesive social fabric.

In a world grappling with división and discord, Petronas’ film is a timely affirmation that authentic progress is achieved not by subjugating indigenous cultures, but by championing them as precious components of our national identity.

It reminds us that unity isn’t forged through a crushing homogeneity, but through an expansive celebration of our differences.

A Future Rooted in Unity and Respect

Siti Azlina Abdul Latif, Petronas Group’s Senior General Manager of Strategic Communications, Relations, and Strategic Communications, stressed the film’s broader message of communal solidarity and cultural pride.

“Through this film, we aim to celebrate the enduring spirit of Sabah’s cultural heritage and underscore the vital importance of preserving our traditions,” remarked Siti Azlina.

“At Petronas, we believe that by honouring our shared legacy, we pave the way for a future rooted in unity and respect,” she added.

Ultimately, “Linundus Do Koubasanan” is a cinematic gem that stirs the soul and rekindles an appreciation for the diverse heritage that surrounds us.

It inspires hope that the dreams and traditions of our communities, old and new, can not only coexist but catalyse profound growth and harmony.

This is a film that deserves to be watched, reflected upon, and embraced as a catalyst for fostering a truly unified Malaysian spirit.

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