John rocks Cannes

John D Chacko, President IAA Malaysia leading the change at Cannes Lions 2022

ACT – Advertising Community Together – is an international non-profit association affiliated with the United Nations Department of Global Communication and Global Compact. Since 2001, their mission has been to inspire, promote and unite the advertising industry around social responsibility, sustainable development and sharing best practices.

A Cannes Lions first: “Open House for Good” (OHFG!) event encouraged everyone to open up their venues during Cannes Lions and discuss the most important topic of our time: Sustainability. OHFG was initiated by Goodvertising, ACT Responsible, IAA Global, Proto, Adforum in partnership with Cannes Lions.

This impulsive movement is gaining industry wide support from networks and brands alike such as Dentsu, Havas, HP Graphics, IPG, Meta, Niantic, RTL, TBWA, The Brandtech Group and WPP.

“This is a truly inclusive event, where everyone can take part – with or without a badge or fancy waistband. Time is running out to tackle the climate emergency – and we need everyone to play their part” Thomas Kolster, Mr. Goodvertising, author and speaker

“Marketing Communications has played an enormous part in reducing poverty, illness and allowing access products and services previously available exclusively to elites. The flipside is that it has also stimulated overconsumption with unwanted consequences on health, waste and environment. We are part of the problem. Let’s be part of the solution”  Hervé de Clerck, Dream Leader ACT Responsible

“The time is now to open doors, collaborate and act together to expedite progress behind sustainability. There is no better industry to lead that charge. No egos, no agendas, just the most creative humans working together on re-setting the industry’s priorities” Dagmara Szulce, Managing Director, IAA Global

IAA Malaysia was proud to show our support for OHFG in appreciation for the selfless efforts of Goodvertising, ACT Responsible, IAA Global, Proto, Adforum. OHFG! The talk of the Croisette amongst all that I met. It was indeed one of the highlights of the trip to Cannes for me.

“I was so moved by the effort, commitment, and collaboration at OGFG that it was a no brainer to start exploring ways to collaborate further by having this effort replicated at the 45th IAA World Congress in Penang in 2024. The 45th IAA World congress is all about creativity and technology to create better lives, better world.

It is futile to work towards sustainable businesses in the absence of sustainable world,” says John D Chacko, President IAA Malaysia & Chairman of the 45th IAA World Congress 2024.

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