Malaysian CMO Awards 2021 – Judges talk

malaysian cmo awards 2021 judges

In 2021 we received an overwhelming number of nominations for the Malaysian CMO awards and given how much time our respected judges were given to go through all the nominations and decide on the awardees, we spoke to some of them for their feedback on their thoughts about the nominees, what factors made an impression in their minds and the wishes they wanted to convey to the winners.

Without further ado, let’s hear some of them out.

Head of Judging Panel

Prof. John D. Chacko, President, International Advertising Association (IAA) Malaysia

john d chacko cmo

The one thing that was common in every entry was the human and business toll of Covid.

Judging is never easy. The ability to tell your story is critical. Judges are not robots. They need to hear your human, business and brand stories that exude empathy and compassion for the plight of people. If you don’t have a real one that you can tell passionately, don’t enter.

Sure results of viewership, eyeballs, reach, volume, revenue, share are relevant but what was your brand’s real intent in the midst of the pandemic or to use that overused textbook soundbite, purpose. Do you think you fulfilled that human and business purpose? There is always room for improvement in the entries each year and we hope to encourage stronger entries every year.

As a judge, I look for examples of the truth well told of how you made a difference to people’s lives. Brave businesses and brands that put people before profit fosters Trust and must be recognized.


Greg Paull, Principal, R3

greg paull cmo

I was incredibly impressed at the details in all entries, given such a challenging year. The ones that stood out to me were the ones with the most tangible brand and business results.

Marketing’s job is to drive outcomes so the better we set and measure goals, the more effective we will all be.


Andreas M. Vogiatzakis, Executive Director, AMVPLUS ADVISORY

andreas m vogiatzakis cmo

Pressure produces diamonds. And when we grasp the opportunities that a crisis offers, if we see the light at the end of the strife, if we fight with determination, resilience, wit, and grit, we create a better tomorrow. It is a choice.

Navigating through the pandemic, staying relevant, making a difference, and inspiring teams internally and externally, was not an easy feat. Managing change, building empathy, coping with mental health challenges, and at the same time crafting winning strategies that can touch the hearts and minds of consumers, was a daunting task for all marketers.

They all did their best and they all did well to navigate the stormy seas. A few did excel even further, and it was a privilege for me to judge their entries at the CMO Awards, an iconic Malaysian institution that celebrates the best the market has to offer.

In their entries, I saw a fighting spirit, a might yet with gentleness that was putting the interests of the consumer at heart.  Customer-centric, thoughtful, meaningful and with the intent to not only add value from a product angle, but to also inspire and motivate the consumers from a human perspective, amidst the toughest of times.

Leveraging O2O, some pure digital, some only using traditional media effectively, they all worked their best, and the caliber of their executions was set at high standards. I learnt a lot from these entries, not only on marketing grounds, but most importantly, on the purpose and the ability to understand the environment, the consumer needs, practical and emotional vis-à-vis the circumstances, and address them all with care.

My respect and cheers go to all entries and candidates, as it took them courage to strategize, execute (and submit), and to all the winners.  My heartiest congratulations, to the top winners, as they truly deserve their wins.

And to all the marketers, keep on shining, keep on leading, keep on making a difference for all.  May 2022 be the best ever for the world!


Datuk William Ng, Chairman, SAMENTA

datuk william ng cmo

This year continues to be a watershed year for the marketing profession. The pandemic continues to create uncertainty and unpredictability; and this calls for greater creativity and courage from marketers looking to break through both the clutter and fear prevailing in the market.

This year’s entries to the Awards continue to be of very high quality, and exemplifies how adversity is indeed the mother of innovation.

Congratulations to all the recipients of the awards this year.

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