Tune Talk Goes All-in on AWS to Delight Customers with Cloud-First Strategy and Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Tune Talk, Asia’s fastest-growing Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), is pleased to be Malaysia’s first MVNO to announce that it is all-in on Amazon Web Services (AWS), an Amazon.com company, to optimize its network services and reimagine the end customer experience by embracing innovation with a cloud-first strategy.

Tune Talk aims to digitally disrupt the Malaysian telco market by introducing fresh loyalty benefits and discounts, and remain competitive via unique 5G and Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered offerings tailored for customers seeking value.

A Collaboration Built on Innovation

In the global telco industry marked by rapid technological evolution and increasing customer demands, where traditional approaches are giving way to more agile, cloud-based solutions, Tune Talk’s cloud-first move with AWS represents a strategic alignment with its commitment to digital innovation.

By migrating all of its IT workloads to AWS, Tune Talk will leverage AWS’s robust infrastructure, unparalleled scalability, and advanced cloud services to deliver in-country network services with enhanced resiliency, security, efficiency, and performance.

Building on AWS cloud will enable Tune Talk to optimize operations, reduce costs, and respond to the needs of its extensive and diverse customer base of over one million subscribers with agility.

Venturing into the Future of Telco

Tune Talk plans to experiment with AWS’s AI and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities powered by Amazon SageMaker to provide operational foresight to potential network issues, with the aim of having self-healing network operations that reduce downtime by 2024.

Using a purpose-built data lake built on Amazon S3 to store, analyze, and gain actionable insights from its data, Tune Talk will have a 360-degree view of its customers, allowing for more effective, personalized campaign management and collaboration across its industry partners.

With an eye on the future, the aspiring digital lifestyle telco operator plans to venture into Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) to elevate Tune Talk’s service offerings with predictive analytics capabilities, providing customers with more engaging experiences.

Since 2021, Tune Talk has implemented a data-centric business strategy focusing on transforming insights gathered from subscribers into a bespoke brand user experience, including curating unique online and in-person initiatives for specific target markets.

This initiative will enable Tune Talk to offer more efficient and engaging customer interactions, and provide immediate and relevant customer support through intelligent virtual assistants and chatbots, leveraging AWS services such as Amazon Lex, which enables customers to build bots with conversational AI, and Amazon Polly, which turns text into lifelike speech.

“By migrating all our workloads from on-premises to AWS, Tune Talk is not just moving data and voice, but adopting a tech-focused business approach with an updated, more reliable network infrastructure powered by cloud technology,” said Dajmarehan Zolkipli, Chief Financial Officer and acting CEO of Tune Talk.

“Leveraging AWS AI technology to tap into the wealth of opportunities that come with advanced analytics and machine learning will be a game-changer, positioning Tune Talk to boost revenues and unlock new revenue streams with increased speed to market, and to offer targeted and unique lifestyle services on 5G to our customers.”

“Telcos today are enabled by cloud to deliver differentiated solutions and experiences, make faster business decisions, and unlock new revenue opportunities,” said Azhar Abdullah, Head of Enterprise Business, AWS Malaysia.

“Going all-in on AWS enables Tune Talk to leverage AWS’s broad functionality and innovative approach to provide comprehensive 5G and AI/ML services, streamline costs, and improve efficiencies, with the upcoming AWS infrastructure Region in Malaysia further enabling local data storage and lower latency.

We are proud to support Tune Talk’s mission to become a preferred digital lifestyle telecommunications company that delights customers, while growing securely and at scale.”

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