John Chacko has bigger plans for the upcoming 45th World Congress in Penang

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Recently, some of the biggest names when it comes to advertising from all over the world were considered to attend the 2022 DigiAsia marketing conference in Taipei.

One of them is the one and only John Chacko, who is the president of IAA Malaysia, as well as the chairman for the upcoming 45th IAA World Congress

Here, he presented his opinions on the current global social, technical, and environmental developments. He also considered how digital marketing would influence these changes in the next few years.

John Chacko speaking at 2022 DigiAsia, Nov. 18. (TAAA photo)
John Chacko, president of IAA Malaysia presenting at the 2022 DigiAsia Image Credit: TAAA Photo

On Friday, November 18, John presented at DigiAsia to advertise the 2024 IAA World Congress in Penang, Malaysia.

He made a point of emphasising that his goal for the advertising sector is to inspire businesses to pursue a purpose-driven approach.

Also, he expressed hope that businesses will use the digital age to do good by asking, “How can we, in the pursuit of profit, also profit the planet?”

For the 2024 Congress, the IAA has selected the theme “Brand: Re-Code” and the tagline “For a better world, better life.” 

The motto, according to John, has two levels of significance. The first is in the context of computer coding and the current world’s quick digital transition. Whereas, the second layer deals with how advertisers view their sector.

In his presentation, John has encouraged companies to look beyond output and pursue meaning. 

“Advertisers in this rapidly emerging technological era must act responsibly in a world that seems to be increasingly fractured, politically, economically and socially.” John added  

He also highlighted the majority of young customers place a high importance on environmental conservation and awareness. 

It will be exceedingly challenging for businesses to compete for these clients if they do not uphold and promote these principles.

John ended his presentation by expressing his excitement about hosting the following IAA World Congress and hoped that Taiwan would contribute significantly to the gathering. 

He urged attendees of the next 45th World Congress in Penang, Malaysia in 2024 to include students, members of the advertising community, and anybody else with an interest in the field.

MARKETING Magazine reached out to John Chacko and got his comment post-event.

He expressed that it was “a very exciting and successful Digi Asia 2022 marketing conference themed Web 3 Rhapsody. The collaboration between marcom associations, agencies, media, academicians and students was exemplary. The startup community was involved in full force including from Malaysia with a ‘Meet Taipei Together’ exhibition.”

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