We have the numbers!

To prove that RHB has finally gotten the numbers where 94% of 600,000 customers who used the RHB mobile Banking App are not disappointed with the experience.

Reason being, this app addresses the 3 main things customers consider when using an application online which are easy to use (convenience), fast and secure.

In terms of convenience, it is known to be very comprehensive for new customers to use as well as clear in terms of their instructions. So, there is no way that the customers can get lost in ensuring their banking matters are addressed and solved.

Some may find it such a hassle to go down to the bank and get their matters resolved. But with the existence of this app, it can be used 24/7 at anytime from anywhere.

Next, it is fast in the sense that Face ID is a new feature that is used by this mobile banking app. With just one glance, customers can now instantly access their mobile banking and validate their identity.

However, the downside of it is that this feature is currently only available for iOS (iPhone X version and above).

This banking app is also known to be secure to avoid any malicious acts by scammers that are widespread nowadays.

To avoid that from happening, RHB Bank has come up with a feature that uses the customers’ biometric or PIN, to rapidly gain access to their own dashboard, which provides a glimpse of all of their accounts and balances that only they have access to.

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