Former Havas Group Indonesia CEO, Anwesh Bose, launches new advisory firm, The Academy Consulting

Former CEO of Havas Group Indonesia, Anwesh Bose, announced that he has launched marketing and advertising advisory firm, The Academy Consulting.

“As promised, today is about my new innings; from being a paid entrepreneur for more than two decades, I am turning into a full time entrepreneur with my venture – The Academy Consulting,” Anwesh wrote on a LinkedIn post yesterday. “We are a strategic advisory that will straddle the gap before & after content creation, with the sole purpose of driving marketing effectiveness. Our team is a group of experience-heavy, involved and engaged professionals who have proven their excellence in their respective domains.”

He also stated that The Academy Consulting is backed by those who have been in the business of multi-platform Advertising Content, Branded Entertainment, Branded Content and more, for almost two decades in Asia.

Prior to launching The Academy Consulting and after his departure from Havas Group, Anwesh was the CEO of Whisper Media.

“My stint at Whisper has been my shortest professionally but a very successful & meaningful one, despite Covid-19,” Anwesh wrote in a separate LinkedIn post. “Every team member contributed their bit with passion and commitment to make it happen and we were ably supported in equal measure by the management.”

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