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In a world where artificial intelligence (AI) has become an integral part of our daily lives, from simplifying tasks to providing entertainment, the launch of AI Goreng by Ampersand Advisory marks a significant milestone in the AI industry.

This innovative software, developed by a team of culinary enthusiasts, sous chefsand tech experts, at this multi-award winning agency which is CAMPAIGN’s Independent Agency of the Year for Malaysia 5 years in a row.

AI Goreng combines the realms of advertising, media recommendation, and, surprisingly, culinary skills into one versatile platform. Speaking to reporters, one of the experts said, “I do like a fried egg with my noodles, and now I can use AI to get it sunny side up to the exact consistency I like. Even if these are free range eggs or those Omega thingies.”

AI Goreng, named with a playful nod to the popular fried noodle dish, is not just another AI tool; it’s a groundbreaking application that aims to revolutionize how we interact with technology.

Its launch event, held in a virtual space attended by tech giants, food enthusiasts, and media personalities from around the kampung, showcased the software’s unique capabilities, blending technology with culinary art in a way never seen before.The name also cues the action of “frying” or goreng, which includes creatively mixing facts, opinions and fiction, often seen in advertising presentations, some corporate boardrooms and other spaces.

At its core, AI Goreng is designed to serve as a multi-functional assistant, catering to both businesses and individuals. For businesses, it offers an advanced ad creation tool that utilizes AI algorithms to generate engaging and effective advertisements.

This tool analyses market trends, consumer behavior, and the emotional impact of various ad components to produce tailored ads that resonate with the intended audience. The process is not only efficient but also cost-effective, providing small businesses and startups with a powerful tool to boost their marketing strategies, despite limited or no budgets.

For consumers, AI Goreng’s media recommendation engine is a game-changer. It sifts through vast amounts of data, not to mention packets of instant noodles, to suggest movies, TV shows, music, and books based on the user’s preferences and past interactions.

Unlike other recommendation engines, AI Goreng employs a more nuanced approach to understanding user preferences, incorporating factors like current trends, amount of social chatter, whether got egg or not, whether got shallots or not, and even spouse’s mood conditions and children’s nap times, to make more personalized suggestions.

However, what truly sets AI Goreng apart is its ability to fry noodles – a feature that at first glance seems whimsical, but is a testament to the software’s versatility and the developers’ innovative approach.

By integrating with smart kitchen appliances, AI Goreng can guide the cooking process step-by-step, adjusting settings for optimal results, and even suggesting variations and recipes based on available ingredients.

This feature not only adds a fun element to the software but also underscores the potential of AI to extend beyond traditional applications and into more creative and unexpected territories, like IOT (Idiots Order Things)

The launch of AI Goreng has sparked discussions across various platforms, with many hailing it as a significant leap forward in AI development, while some competitors called it “unadulterated technical mumbo jumbo”.

Critics and enthusiasts alike are intrigued by the software’s blend of functionality, with particular interest in how its culinary feature will be received by the public. In a food-mad country, the developers see immense potential, and have expressed their vision of making AI more accessible and relatable to everyday life.

What’s next after AI Goreng? “We’re working on AI Kut Teh. We want to invent it before Singapore claims it’s theirs.” said an anonymous source.

(Happy April Fools’ Day 2024.

This article was created with the help of Chat GPT and native wit. Ampersand Advisory, listed in Financial Times Statista 500 High Growth Companies Asia Pacific for 2023 and 2024, urges you to read news with caution, whether genuine or goreng, especially in the age of AI.)

Co-founder and CEO of Ampersand Advisory, Sandeep Mark Joseph

Sandeep Joseph is the CEO and co-founder of Ampersand Advisory, a leading agency that has been Campaign’s Independent Agency of the Year from 2019-2023, and has featured in the Financial Times Statista 500 High Growth Companies Asia Pacific for 2023 & 2024.  He can be reached at [email protected] for debate and discussion.

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