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The marketer to take the hot-seat for this APPIES 2019 Quick Chat, Andrew Pinto, is no stranger to digital marketing. As Head of Marketing for, he is right at the edge of digital innovation for e-commerce marketing.

As somebody who has varied insights into next-gen marketing processes, he feels that it’s always good to share one’s knowledge. That, and being able to impart and learn new processes, are his expectations for this year’s APPIES.

“It’s always good to share and discuss about new trends and processes in this space; specifically, it’s better to apply these lessons onto what we know and make our deliverables even better!” Andrew shared.

The lessons that Andrew refer to, of course, should be digitally focused. With trends now rapidly turning digital, marketers need to adapt to these changes fast. For Andrew, that is why the sharing and applying these lessons are critical.

“As processes become more digital, marketers will – in turn – become more accountable in how they plan, develop, and spend. At the same time, they will also gain more control on marketing’s impact on business results,” Andrew added.

In being more digital, Andrew believes the advertising landscape will become more agile. That is literally how consumers are like now as they want instant gratification and immediate content delivery.

Strength of message, the equally as impactful delivery, and offering measurable results – these factors are what Andrew will look-out. “The last one is critical as these ideas must also have a positive impact on the metrics we want to grow. Personally, when agencies can attribute the ideas to measurable for businesses, that’s solid!” he said.

When asked if there are any tips for fellow marketers who are making the pitch, Andrew only has one. “Have fun and good luck!”

Submission deadline for APPIES Malaysia Marketing Awards 2019: 15th March 2019. Extended deadline: 31st March 2019!

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Text by: Victor Yap 

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