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This stuff you already know, but for the benefit of readers, here are 9 things every telco marketer can’t miss about AI.
1. AI for network automation: Automation and AI can help telecom optimise network performance, reduce downtime, and improve the quality of service. With the help of Radio Intelligent Controller (RIC), network operators can manage automation and AI more efficiently, enabling them to detect and respond to network issues in real-time. This enables the deployment of new applications and services that require high bandwidth and low latency. Automation and AI can be used to optimise network performance, reduce downtime, and improve the quality of service.
2. AI to improve the end-user experience: AI can improve the end-user experience in wireless networks in several ways. For instance, AI techniques such as machine learning (ML) can generate granular insights about network quality and user experience. This analysis can be done across a broader range of data sets than is used in today’s operations and at much faster speeds.
3. AI for telecom workforce: Gen AI can help telcos improve the efficiency of their workforce by automating repetitive tasks and providing intelligent insights. AI has become a cornerstone in the telecommunications industry, revolutionising how companies interact with customers and manage operations.
Transformative impact of AI-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) marketing strategies for telcos in six key areas:
1. Virtual Persona Chat or Voice Robot: Telcos leverage AI-powered virtual agents to provide 24/7 interactive communication across multiple platforms such as WhatsApp, Messenger and mobile apps. These virtual agents enhance customer engagement by offering self-service complaint handling and targeted promotional campaigns, optimising productivity while minimising costs.
2. Customer Voice Management: CRM solutions incorporate customer voice management to gather insights from social media interactions, enabling telcos to understand customer sentiments and address pain points effectively. AI-driven analysis of user sentiments aids in automating feedback processes, enhancing overall customer experience.
3. Sales Analytics: AI-driven CRM tools empower telcos to analyse sales performance and consumer behaviour marketing campaigns, enabling informed decision-making to boost transaction volumes. Sales analytics, along with features like Customer Analytics and Campaign Management assist in strategic planning and execution.
4. Order Management System (OMS): Telcos utilise AI technologies in OMS solutions to streamline order management processes, particularly in online acquisitions like SIM card orders. AI-CRM systems optimise packaging suggestions, printing shipping labels and integrating with e-commerce platforms, ensuring efficient inventory management across channels.
5. Market Research Automation: AI-driven market research automation provides telcos with valuable insights to formulate strategic business decisions. By analysing customer feedback and market trends, telcos can identify opportunities, mitigate risks, and enhance profitability, ultimately improving customer satisfaction and market positioning.
6. Store Virtual Reality: AI platforms offer virtual reality experiences for subscribers to interact with customer service and simulate store environments. Store VR facilitates efficient complaint handling, broader customer reach and enhanced service experiences, contributing to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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