Comscore Malaysia Digital Rankings May 2022

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Comscore, Inc. has published the top 10 Multi-Platform Properties of Malaysia (Desktop and Mobile) for the month of May 2022.

Google sites remain on top with an 88.8% reach, while Facebook came in second with 81.8%.

Rev Media Group (66.7%) and Shopee Pte Ltd (60.9%) came in third and fourth respectively.

PropertyTotal Unique Visitors/Viewers (000)% Reach
1.Google Sites17,57188.80%
3.Rev Media Group13,18866.70%
4.Shopee Pte Ltd12,03960.90%
5.Astro Group11,12256.20%
6.Microsoft Sites10,86955.00%
7.Bytedance Inc.10,32952.20%
9.Lazada Sites8,40242.50%
10NACSA.GOV.MY Sites7,99540.40%

Desktop: 6+ Home and Work, Mobile: 18+ Smartphone and Tablets iOS and Android

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