Petronas launches Hari Gawai video

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In conjunction with Hari Gawai, Petronas launched its Hari Gawai, baju burung Apai video.

The four-minute video depicts the story of family ties with the lead character Roy played by MacLean Patrick Sibat.

Roy decides to celebrate Hari Gawai at the long house he grew up in together with all his brothers and sisters with the support of his elder sister Elly, played by Ernie Doris.

Roy has a tiff with his younger brother resulting in the baju burung Apai being left behind at Bob’s restaurant. However all’s well that ends well as the brothers reconcile their differences in time for the celebration.

The four minute 40 second video was filmed at the Ensengei, Sebuyau longhouse in Sadong Jaya and has garnered more than 700,000 hits since last Friday.

The short film is directed by Ismail Kamarul (Smiley) and Philip Rom Kulleh.

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