Taylor’s Hari Raya video, “Rendang Tok,” packs an emotional punch with a story about lifelong learning

Taylor’s University has a heart-warming story about embracing the importance of lifelong learning and empowering communities in its new Hari Raya festive ad.

In a clever play on words on Atuk and TikTok, ‘Rendang Tok’ follows a young protagonist named Zaki who discovers that his Atuk, portrayed by Namron, a renowned Malaysian actor, director, and screenwriter, was a popular television chef in the 90s.

Zaki sees an opportunity to revive his grandfather’s legacy by filming a TikTok reboot of Atuk cooking, but as the shoot progresses, it becomes clear that Atuk is struggling with remembering even the simplest cooking tasks. He fumbles on words, gets easily upset and is always grumpy.

This led to Zaki’s mother, Kasmah to become upset, feeling that Zaki is pushing Atuk too hard.

When Kasmah confronted Zaki with the truth about Atuk’s condition of being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, we see the true depth of Zaki’s commitment to his grandfather.

He is not just trying to capture Atuk’s legacy; he is helping his Atuk live a fulfilling life despite his illness.

At the core, the “Rendang Tok” video reflects the institution’s dedication to equipping communities with knowledge and skills to aid in promoting independent, safe, and meaningful lives for senior citizens.

Rendang Tok’ follows a young protagonist named Zaki who discovers that his Atuk, portrayed by Namron, was a popular television chef in the 90s.

Through emphasising the importance and advantages of lifelong learning as a tool of specialised care for individuals with Alzheimer’s, the video serves as an impactful resource in raising awareness and offering support to families and caregivers impacted by the disease.

Through the TikTok series, Zaki’s dedication to his grandfather highlights the positive impact that education and care can have on the lives of individuals with Alzheimer’s.

“At Taylor’s, we firmly believe that education has the power to bring positive change to society beyond academic pursuits.

Our ‘Rendang Tok’ Hari Raya ad aims to shed light on the lesser-known realities of Alzheimer’s disease and provide practical solutions to improve the quality of life for those living with this condition.

We hope to inspire communities with knowledge and skills that foster compassion, care for our senior citizens, and cultivate a love for lifelong learning,” said Ben Foo, Taylor’s Group Chief Marketing Officer.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), it is estimated that around 8.5% of older adults or roughly 260 000 people in Malaysia are living with dementia[1].

By using cognitive stimulation therapy shown in the video such as providing learning and memory aids, promoting engagement and interaction, and engaging in meaningful activities like exploring favourite pastimes and memories, Zaki not only improves his grandfather’s quality of life but also helps slow down the progression of the disease.

“As an educational institution, we are committed to our mission of being a purpose-driven university that empowers communities. Through this video, we hope to inspire others to take meaningful actions and shed light on the importance of education in providing effective care and support for seniors with Alzheimer’s.

It is a reminder that even small acts of care and attention can have a significant impact, making a positive difference in the lives of those affected by this disease,” said Foo.

Further to the video, Taylor’s University has taken steps to infuse their curriculum with purpose and meaning to empower both lecturers and students to support missions outlined in Sustainable Development Goals and the Environment, Social and Governance agenda.

The production of the film was a collaboration with Imagineer Films, who has also produced some of Taylor’s most successful festive videos including Curious Kumar in 2020 and Sadaqah in 2022.

‘Rendang Tok’ has been available to watch since 7 April in an exclusive partnership with TikTok. Since its launch on the platform, the video has garnered a total of 412, 396 views since time of writing.

[1] https://www.who.int/westernpacific/news-room/feature-stories/item/supporting-people-living-with-dementia-in-malaysia

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