Never reveal your age.

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It always backfires.

The ladies know something we men missed out the day we were born. It’s only human to pigeonhole someone. Sorry, but the truth hurts. Ask any lady.

And once someone knows your age, they remember only one thing: whether you are younger or older than them.

And the game begins.

Facebook allows the user to hide his/her birth year under Basic Info. And one wonders how did Cambridge Analytica successfully harvest data specific to the voting age segment.

Nobody knows your age from your Facebook profile? Right!

My uncle makes the best Bak Kut Teh in Kuantan (at least, that’s a fact).

Back to uncovering your age… a little code written to interface your data across several digital touch points will easily expose your real age. And they don’t even have to count the number of candles on the birthday cake proudly displayed on your Page.

Those were the days when companies proudly boasted their heritage in sign-offs like “Estd 1942” and so on.

In today’s world, where almost everything and everyone has been given their digital badge by some algorithm written by a child genius, being old may not be such a good thing.

Unless you make wines or spirits.

Goes without saying that the young treat the old as being old. Not anything else. Even if you were the Prime Minister at 93, or ran the half marathon at 88, old is old. If you want to feel better, old is gold they say. And you’ll never be smarter or sharper than them, at least in their minds.

Did someone mention wisdom? Hey, there’s always Google.

As I celebrate my 53rd birthday this year, I fear I may become irrelevant in a world that thinks it is smarter than me.

Shall I sign up for another digital marketing degree programme?

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