Malaysia’s most innovative postpaid plan has arrived – Celcom MEGA

The global telecommunication industry has been, for what seems like half a decade, trying to redefine flexibility and simplicity through various packages and data plan options that all claim to be better than the competitor, regardless of its jarring similarities. 

However, considering just how many forwarded messages we get via WhatsApp and other messaging platforms in a day, it’s almost amusing that there was a time, not too long ago, when we were charged for each text message sent; proving that in some ways, telcos have indeed found the sweet spot in between flexibility and simplicity. 

Being innovative in a highly competitive industry such as telco, determines the sustainability of its success – which is exactly what Celcom is doing. On 12 February 2020, the veteran telco in Malaysia rolled out the most innovative postpaid plan ever offered to Malaysians, called Celcom MEGATM. 

This new postpaid plan has taken into consideration most mobile users’ frustration when it comes to data usage: frustrating internet speed, insufficient internet quota, oversupply of internet quota with no rollover options and not to mention, ridiculously high roaming charges. 

Through constant reinvention and persistence to change the market doing things outside norms, Celcom has become the first telco to not only understand real customer pain points but also provide a solution that addresses them all. To truly understand the all-new Celcom MEGA postpaid plan, we’ve broken it down to three parts, explaining each first-of-its-kind perks offered.

Internet or Speed? You choose.  

To each their own isn’t a phrase you’d associate with postpaid plans but the reality is, different users have different needs. Some users require unlimited data to sustain their mobile Internet usage throughout the month whereas some users don’t require as much but due to the nature of their usage, lightning speed internet is key. 

While the unlimited internet quota option is specifically catered for a worry-free, enhanced streaming experience, such as full access to unlimited full high-definition, gaming, content creation and high-quality music streaming; the lightning mobile internet speed is perfect for consumers who desire faster connectivity and sizable Internet quota. Celcom MEGA provides the option to choose between the two and takes it another step-further by offering users the flexibility to switch between options each month, with the simplicity of doing it through the Celcom Life app. 

Trade-in Unused Data for Cash Back

Anyone who’s used a limited Internet quota plan and had leftover at the end of the month understands the frustration. Keeping this in mind, the Celcom MEGA postpaid includes a feature unlike any in Malaysia – the option to convert unused internet into cashback via the widely accepted Boost e-wallet. A maximum of 10GB of unused internet per month will get you cashback worth RM5. 

Borderless Internet

Whether you’re a frequent flyer for business reasons or have a few vacations planned, staying connected while travelling is easier with Celcom MEGA’s roaming option. The plan includes an option that’s never been available in Malaysia before. It’s most comprehensive plan with XL pass offers users FREE roaming, allowing you to tap into your local internet quota overseas and ‘Roam like Home’. The add-on, officially called Celcom PassportTM, is available for use in 12 countries. 

Extra benefits 

Besides these main three features, consumers who use Celcom MEGA as their postpaid plan are also entitled to several perks. For example, at RM 40 per family line with 15GB internet, up to three lines., Consumers are also given the option to share their collective internet quota with their family lines, a feature also known as InternetshareTM. 

Besides InternetShare and Celcom Passport, the MEGA postpaid plan’s add-on options include Ultra Hour PassTM and Unlimited Social which provide unlimited hourly high-speed internet and unlimited internet for Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Late Night Internet, respectively.

In September 2019, Opensignal, an independent mobile analytics company that specializes in quantifying mobile network experience, published its report on ‘Mobile Network Experience: Malaysia’. According to the report, Celcom was ranked No.1 for 4G Availability in Malaysia by once again recording the winning score for 4G Availability nationwide, at 87.7%.

Celcom’s strong network also bagged two new Opensignal Awards, namely for Video Experience, with a score of 63.5 points (Good rating), and Latency Experience, with a score of 43.2 milliseconds (ms).

In its continued quest for the best network experience, Celcom’s 4G LTE network is deployed with the latest end-to-end technology such as 4T4R multiple-input and multiple-output (MIMO), Carrier Aggregation, 256 Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM) and many more, at over 11,000 sites which includes over 9,000 LTE sites, resulting with Celcom’s LTE network achieving 96% population coverage in 10 states nationwide.

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