Getting inside your phone – how do Malaysian telcos do it?

Think you know your mobile internet providers? Try answering some of these simple questions below:

  1. Which telecommunications company (telco) was the first to launch and operate a fully digital cellular network?
  2. Which Malaysian telco has operated since the year 1946?
  3. The first provider to introduce video call in 2003 based on 3G technology, was?
  4. Which telco has its majority stake owned by the third wealthiest person in Malaysia?

The answers are: Digi, ™ Berhad, Celcom Axiata and Maxis respectively.

Whether you are part of the generation that grew up without mobile phones or the generation that hasn’t known a time before them, it’s hard to imagine how we got around without immediate internet access through at our fingertips.

Each and every one of us who owns a mobile phone is subscribed to a specific telecommunications company (telco) and everywhere we go, we’re subconsciously marketed to a specific telco that whether we like it or not — has influenced our decision in picking one.

What goes into the marketing plan of telco companies that service the population of a whole country, is sales techniques, strategies and an abundance of customer data to thrive in a competitive environment.

One of the panel discussions at the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Conference 2019 will be focusing on “Telco Marketing”. The panel consists of marketing and branding leads from all four leading telcos in Malaysia – Tai Kam Leong, Head of Branding and Partnerships Maxis; Lai Shu Wei, VP uf Unifi Marketing & Communications of TM Berhad; Bernard Lee, Head of Marketing Services from Digi and Fernie Jasmine Abdul Ghani, Head of Group Marketing & Brand of Axiata.

The panel will be moderated by none other than the Founder & Senior Partner of Entropia, Prashant Kumar.

Attend the CMO Conference taking place at Sime Darby Convention Center on 15 November 2019 to listen to brains behind the marketing campaigns you see all over the country. Learn from them the struggles of managing brands in a highly competitive yet profitable industry and see if you might have what it takes to be part of it.

Head on over to for more information on the full programme and to purchase your tickets.

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