Lion & Lion Launches New Social Media Consultancy, ‘Social IntelliSync’

Southeast Asian digital agency network Lion & Lion continues to evolve its product lines and offerings in response to the dynamic demands of its clients.

Following the successful launch of its Film & Content Production unit in 2023, Lion & Lion is thrilled to announce the launch of Social IntelliSync in 2024 — a social media consultancy practice that reinforces its commitment to pioneering creative solutions.

Regional Chief Creative Officer, Asher Cheelip Ong says: “With the launch of Social IntelliSync, we mark a significant milestone in our journey of continuously innovating our creative, social media and digital solutions. Inspired by our clients’ growing need to achieve better business precision via social media, our new consultancy practice aims to help brands and enterprises navigate the increasingly complex and competitive digital and social media landscape more efficiently and eloquently, offering sharper actionable intelligence as a guiding compass.”

In today’s ever-evolving social media landscape, Lion & Lion recognizes the surge in popularity alongside the growing intricacies across platforms. By transforming social data into actionable insights, Social IntelliSync provides brands with strategic, data-guided counsel on how to move and pivot faster and more accurately from culture, community, content, commerce to conversion.

Group Director of Social Media at Lion & Lion, Ham Maghazeh, envisions a paradigm shift: “Social IntelliSync decodes the intricate footprints of consumer sentiment, so every data

point can unlock possibilities and revolutionise how brands interact with their audiences on social media.

This service is designed to enhance our social media offerings and brand presence, fostering creativity and finding unique angles to help brands stand out in the crowded space of social media. It aims to sound human, stimulate conversations, and solve problems.”

Social IntelliSync helps brands find sharper social media solutions in four key areas:

  1. Culture Intelligence: Diverse channel monitoring, pattern analysis in consumer journeys, and inclusive insights gathering.
  2. Brand Intelligence: Brand sentiment analysis, competitor benchmarking, trend identification, and opportunities.
  3. Community Intelligence: Community needs assessment, engagement analysis, issue resolution, and support.
  4. Content Intelligence: Audience preference analysis, trend identification and adaptation, and competitor content analysis.

Lion & Lion is excited about the era ahead, where consumer sentiment takes centre stage, and brands can anticipate and drive disruptive marketing strategies. To explore the possibilities of Social IntelliSync, brands can reach out to [email protected].

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