LIBRESSE® & Zee Avi give women something to sing about –their vulvas!

Since its launch in 2010, LIBRESSE® hasn’t stopped challenging societal taboos in Malaysia. The brand believes that girls aren’t born feeling ashamed of their bodies and their intimate areas. Instead, they internalize society’s taboos that restrict the confidence in themselves as they age.

A recent survey by the No.1 local femcare brand revealed that 2 out of 3 women didn’t know enough about their own vulva and vagina. LIBRESSE® challenged that statistic by highlighting that “there is NO SUCH THING as a ‘normal-looking’ vulva”.

By sparking a debate amongst women in Malaysia on the importance of ‘knowing and loving themselves’, LIBRESSE® aimed to spread the campaign message to all Malaysian women that “Knowing Your V is knowing yours is perfect the way it is!”

Produced in collaboration with independent creative outfit Invictus Blue, the taboo-breaking campaign is spearheaded by anew musically-charged brand film that draws inspiration from authentic sentiments of Malaysian women – that their vulva needs to look ‘a certain way’.

The high-energy music video celebrates the diversity of the vulva – boldly showcasing diverse shapes, colours, and sizes, in a plethora of artistic forms; accompanied by an original synth-pop anthem by the award-winning local singer-songwriter Zee Avi; appropriately titled “Celebrate Yourself”.

To-date, the brand film has garnered over 1.6 million views on YouTube alone:

“We’re extremely proud of this collaboration with Zee! The song is an embodiment of what the campaign stands for: confidence, self-love, and authenticity; and it comes through in every line.”, shares Nikiee Mahmud, Creative Group Head at Invictus Blue.

Mahmud’s partner, Tan Pei Ru, concurs through her own personal struggles, “As women, we already have enough insecurities to deal with. How we feel about our vulvas shouldn’t be one of them. This song is one that EVERY woman needs to hear!”

From encouraging every woman to discover their V in last year’s campaign, to advocating the acceptance and appreciation of their vulvas in 2021, Libresse continues to champion a world where women should not only love, but also CELEBRATE themselves – one taboo-breaking campaign at a time.

“We are here to CHANGE society’s views. As the brave, big sister, LIBRESSE® strives to remove any self-doubt, shame, and discomfort that hold women back in society, by instilling a sense of confidence and independence in them, so Malaysian women can continue being their best selves.”, reveals Deenie Ong, Marketing Manager at Libresse.

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