A year ago, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a pandemic. The outbreak’s effect was not only devastating in its virus form, but it has created new uncertainties and anxieties to an already fragile and insecure world.

We are now deprived of the closeness to which every human is biologically programmed for when feeling vulnerable, lonely or fearful. This new norm of facial masks, video chats and social distancing that forces us to be unnaturally apart, further infuses us with a sense of danger from the invisible presence of the virus. Danger was not just at a sensory level, but it went on to shrink the country’s economy by disrupting business-as-usual operations. Sadly, many have pulled down their front door shutters for the last time.

The local SME sector, prior to the pandemic, has been the backbone of Malaysia’s economy contributing an estimated 40% to the country’s GDP, and employing two thirds of its workforce. SMEs growth is heavily reliant on local market realities and thus they are typically unprepared to manoeuvre their way out from economic disruptions. Losing SMEs because of COVID-19 is like losing the growth engine, dynamism and entrepreneurism for the country.

This National Day, MEDIA PRIMA OMNIA, is taking a stance to resuscitate local SME businesses and free them from COVID-19’s anchoring chain that has locked and pulled them to the ground. The objective is to give them back their liberty to drive the nation’s economy.

In conjunction with the nation’s 64th year of National Day, MEDIA PRIMA OMNIA has concocted #KitaMalaysia SME packages to promote homegrown products and services.

“Local SMEs require consistent awareness to keep marketing their products in order to sustain their businesses. As Malaysia’s largest media company, we want to help deliver awareness for SMEs through our platforms’ unrivalled reach numbers,” said Executive Director and CEO of Media Prima Omnia Sdn Bhd, Datuk Michael Chan.

“The  #KitaMalaysia packages were designed specifically in time for “National Day” to signify the fight for freedom and the will to survive on our own terms.”

“Apart from helping SMEs, this campaign also provides opportunities for large corporations and even Government agencies to join us and support entrepreneurs to get back on their feet,” added Chan.

MEDIA PRIMA OMNIA will be giving away RM1 million worth of media value during this campaign which will include their television, print, radio and digital platforms to early bird SMEs who signs up for any of the four different #KitaMalaysia SME packages.

The Starter Pack package starts from an affordable RM5,000, which includes exposures for SME brands and products on MEDIA PRIMA’s home shopping and e-commerce platform from 16th August until the end of September.

The Premium Packs are priced at RM10,000, RM15,000 and RM20,000 each, offering wider media platform integration options for more exposure opportunities for the SME sector. To learn more about this exciting opportunity, contact us at [email protected]

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