Foodpanda reveals refreshed brand look across Asia

Foodpanda has unveiled a colourful brand refresh across all its visual designs and revamped user interface for its mobile and web applications; rolling out progressively in more than 400 cities across 12 markets, starting this month.

The brand’s enhanced look and features comes as it continues to expand its business verticals beyond food delivery and into quick commerce (q-commerce) including grocery delivery via Pandamart cloud stores and through partnerships with leading shops and convenience stores.

“Foodpanda’s refreshed identity reconsiders all customer touchpoints with the brand, connecting the technology behind our app and website with our millions of users’ everyday experiences, from our iconic rider bags and jackets to packaging, marketing campaigns and the app itself,” said Managing Director of foodpanda Malaysia, Sayantan Das. “This will build a solid foundation for our new business ventures, with a revitalised look and feel.”

On the digital space, foodpanda’s enhanced colour palette and increased prominence of its signature panda logo, caters to an expanding number of new business services. The new homescreen on the foodpanda app, dubbed the “bento”, allows users to seamlessly choose the foodpanda service they need – food delivery, self pick-up,  or shops – while making it easier to explore top restaurants and promotions available in their location. 

Foodpanda has also taken a similar approach for its offline and online marketing initiatives. For example, with rider and partner-related branding, foodpanda retains its bold, instantly identifiable “fun pink”, but expands its palette to include more complementary colours.

New colours and patterns accentuate foodpanda’s signature pink across a growing range of services

“Pink is king. We keep the fun pink that is instantly recognisable to millions of people across Asia and at the same time, we highlight different aspects of our brand personality, to show that foodpanda is also friendly, caring, smart, and that little bit rebellious – not afraid to change the status quo or take risks,” said Head of Creative at foodpanda, Reinald Chee. “Our aim has been to create a design language that’s as seamless as our transaction process. At the end of the day, brand identity is all about making a more enjoyable experience for everyone.”

As the iconic symbol of foodpanda, the smiling panda mascot that people recognise remains prominent, but now comes in many more new designs, from panda stickers to patterns and shapes within designs. 

“We analysed every touchpoint with our service, from the app to the rider box and using thorough insights about the user journey, we envisioned a design direction that could bridge the gap between our tech and the real-life experience of millions of customers,” Reinald explained.

Foodpanda’s brand refresh will be progressively introduced across all online and offline platforms from April 2021. The refresh has started in Malaysia, Bangladesh and Cambodia, and will be launching in Hong Kong, Japan, Laos, Myanmar, Pakistan, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand in the coming weeks. 

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