On-Target partners Terragni for Behavioural Understanding across SEA

Salim Khubchandani (left) with Dr Anil Pillai, Founder and CEO of Terragni Consulting.

On-Target Marketing Solutions, a player in the space of marketing and consumer insights in Malaysia, has announced a strategic partnership with Terragni Consulting, a globally acclaimed leader in behavioural science and strategy design.

Terragni Consulting, with a passion for creating exceptional employee and customer experiences, is renowned for its expertise in solving complex human engagement challenges that have a profound impact on real business outcomes.

Leveraging behavioural science as its foundation, Terragni offers innovative frameworks and techniques that can be applied to various business challenges, such as product improvement, service enhancement, marketing effectiveness, HR and policy design, and reputation management.

“We see behavioural science as a set of frameworks and techniques that can be applied to all kinds of business challenges: improving products, services, marketing, designing better HR and policies, or shaping reputation or public support,” shares  Dr  Anil Pillai, Director at Terragni Consulting.

“For us, it’s about understanding how unconscious forces shape people’s decisions and applying this insight to attracting customers, retaining employees, and selling and redesigning products or services.”

On-Target Marketing Solutions, has nearly two decades of experience managing marketing communication for clients across various domains, understands the evolving landscape of consumer behaviour. In recent years, they have excelled in leveraging data and consumer insights to develop effective strategies and products.

The partnership with Terragni Consulting represents a pivotal moment for On-Target, as they further evolve from their marketing communications offering to delve deeper into the mindset of consumers in Malaysia and neighbouring markets.

Salim Khubchandani, Director at On-Target, and currently pursuing his Doctorate in Consumer Neuroscience (or the relatively nascent field of Neuromarketing) to understand consumer mindsets, shared his excitement about the partnership…

“The fast-paced evolution of technology and the plethora of Martech and AI tools available to marketers are transforming the way we engage with consumers. However, the fundamental challenge lies in truly understanding the consumer’s mindset before implementing these tools effectively. With Terragni’s advanced behavioural understanding tools, brands in Malaysia and Southeast Asia will now have the opportunity to gain insights relevant to meeting specific objectives.”

The Terragni-OnTarget alliance marks a significant step forward in the realm of consumer insights and behavioural understanding across the region.

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