Ecoworld launches edutainment programme on home ownership

With growing interest in home ownership among young professionals, Eco World Development Group Berhad (EcoWorld Malaysia) realises the need to
not just meet their demand but also educate this segment on how and what to look for in their first home.

As a result, it announced a partnership with Media Prima Television Networks (MPTN) to develop Misi Rumah Impian, a first-of-its-kind educational and informative TV programme that aims to help those aspiring to purchase their first home get the right information about their future property.

Utilising a short drama-style series format, Misi Rumah Impian charts the journey of beloved celebrity couple, Scha Alyahya (Scha) and Awal Ashaari (Awal) as they search for their dream home with Ecoworld and share their personal experience along the way.

The 4-episode 10-minute drama shows Scha and Awal discussing various aspects of home ownership and the key criteria that made their first home desirable. This includes what makes a good location, what to look for in a neighbourhood, how to determine their home’s accessibility and availability of public amenities as well as security, home design and functionality.

In the series, Scha and Awal also share tips on how to manage the financial matters of home ownership such as joint mortgages and bills, style and décor tips and other great ideas on turning one’s first house into a true dream home.

Speaking about the programme, EcoWorld Malaysia Chief Executive Officer, Dato’ Chang Khim Wah said, “Conversations around home ownership has intensified in the last few years. Whilst location is still a focus, discerning buyers also want to buy into a lifestyle when looking for a home. In the current challenging market, affordability has become a hot topic for discussion, and I believe we’ve found a great way to address such concerns.

Doing it in this fun, bitesize format enables us to better connect with young people and ensure that the most important information about home ownership gets across.”

He added, “At EcoWorld, a lot of thought goes into our master planning to create developments that are not only sustainable but appealing to different generations at various stages of their lives.

“We are always pushing boundaries to turn aspirations into reality and are excited in being the industry’s pioneer in consumer education content through this innovative Misi Rumah Impian programme with Media Prima Television Networks (MPTN).”

Crystal Lee (GM, MPTVN Client Service Group), Dato Chang Khim Wah CEO, EcoWorld Malaysia), Awal Ashaari and Scha Alyahya

MPTN’s director, sales and strategy Nini Yusof, added that the partnership is timely as young people, especially MPTN audiences are entering into or at least looking to enter into the property market. And unlike their predecessors who do not mind doing hours of expansive research online and offline, they prefer short and succinct information delivered in a less formal manner.

“At MPTN, we understand our audiences’ behavior, lifestyle and preference well, and we are pleased with EcoWorld’s trust in us to deliver this programe. Purchasing a home is a unique and deeply personal experience for our young audiences. Rather than sit and listen to panel discussions by economists and property experts, they would rather hear from other young people; especially those they relate to. Scha and Awal represent that.

Furthermore, Misi Rumah Impian, presented in a drama format as opposed to a conventional property show, has the right ingredients to make young people look forward to a unique and exciting journey if owning their first home.”

The short drama will be aired every Wednesday and Thursday, starting 27 November 2019 at 9.50 pm on TV3. It will also be available on TV3 Malaysia Official YouTube channel.

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