How media owners EYE Indonesia is shaping out-of-home media in the region

Out-of-home advertising isn’t a new trend in the Indonesian market. Still, recent advancements in technology—namely, the ability to deliver personalized, contextual content—have ushered in a new era of possibilities for advertisers.

With an in-depth understanding of the Indonesian market and its intricacies, EYE Indonesia is leading the charge in shaping the out-of-home landscape, delivering custom advertising solutions that cater to mass audiences. As a company on the mission to blur the lines between innovation and cultural relevance, EYE Indonesia is building a network of outdoor media placements that resonate with audiences nationwide.

An innovative and creative approach to advertising

Indonesia is the world’s fourth-most populated country, home to hundreds of diverse ethnic communities. This makes it a unique advertising landscape that demands a little creativity and outside-the-box thinking to achieve success—and EYE Indonesia is rising to the challenge.

With digital out-of-home is evolving rapidly in the country, driven by technology advancementsand changing consumer behaviour, the company anticipates a surge in interactive campaigns, creating deeper connections between brands and consumers. A particularly exciting development is the ability to deliver personalized, contextual content that elevates the overall brand experience.

Founded in the region, EYE Indonesia understands the market better than most. Originally established in the 90s and later becoming part of the EMTEK Group in 2016, the OOH operator oversees the conglomerate’s out-of-home media division, specializing in offering customers a comprehensive range of outdoor advertising solutions, including both traditional and programmatic media placement, helping consumers create ad creative, and assisting with tax permit management for OOH and DOOH. For now, EYE Indonesia operates primarily in Jakarta, the country’s capital and a major metropolitan city.

Proud of its innovative approach, EYE Indonesia has leveraged the latest technology to deliver impactful campaigns. Brands and advertisers partner with these media owners for several reasons, with state-of-the-art technology promising dynamic and impactful campaigns and an extensive network of strategically located screens topping the list.

One of the most attractive options in its offering is its cutting-edge LED Videotron network, installed in high-traffic areas to deliver dynamic content that captivates audiences. The vibrant and high-resolution displays give advertisers a powerful platform to showcase their brands, products, and messages, resulting in maximum visibility and impressions.

Thanks to the flexibility of digital OOH technology, EYE Indonesia’s Videotron network enables real-time updates and targeted content delivery, ensuring campaigns remain relevant and impactful. From urban centers, roadside installations, and bustling public spaces, the entire network sets a new standard in outdoor advertising.

One example of a successful campaign that ran across EYE Indonesia’s network was Tjufoo, a brand aggregator whose offering includes anything from fast-moving consumer goods to electronics. They recently launched a large-scale campaign across Jakarta, securing media placements on EYE Indonesia’s most visible screens.

The result was a campaign seamlessly integrated with its surroundings and generated remarkable engagement. The campaign’s success was largely due to the network’s highly visible screens, which gained significant impressions during flight.

Partnering with Broadsign’s software solutions for scalability

With growth plans on the horizon, EYE Indonesia sought a digital software solutions partner that could align with its expansion plans. Given its outstanding global reputation and capacity to provide comprehensive, end-to-end digital signage software solutions, collaborating with Broadsign was the obvious choice.

“Our commitment to innovation, strategic partnerships, and personalized campaigns positions us as a trailblazer in the industry. Partnering with Broadsign has empowered us to deliver exceptional value to our advertisers, and we look forward to continued success together,” says Livia Joehana, Director at EYE Indonesia.

“We chose to partner with them due to their reputation for providing a comprehensive and reliable end-to-end solution. Our experience has exceeded expectations, with seamless ad management, real-time analytics, and a user-friendly interface.”

After noticing a shift in OOH buying trends among advertisers, especially in response to the challenges posed by the pandemic, EYE Indonesia recognized the need for flexibility and adaptability, especially in offering its clientele new approaches to buying and securing ad inventory. Adopting the Broadsign Platform means it can now offer a broader range of buying capabilities, such as share of voice, impression-based buying and programmatic transacting, a key expansion area for the media owner.

What’s next for EYE Indonesia

In the coming years, EYE Indonesia plans to continue on its trajectory of growth by embracing emerging technologies and forging strategic partnerships within the country. The company is poised to solidify its position as a leader in the Indonesian market and is building a robust regional presence by offering incomparable value to its advertisers through its data-driven insights and dynamic capabilities.

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