KOMACI launches new self-serve micro-influencer platform, KOMACI+

From left: KOMACI Network, Chief Executive Officer, Ben Wong; KOMACI Thailand, Senior Manager Business Development, Thitipa Intrarat; KOMACI Network, Head of Business Development, Hanna Heng; Chief Operating Officer, Nicholas Ng, and Chief Marketing Officer, Andrew Lee, at the launch of KOMACI+ at Zouk Club Kuala Lumpur.

Micro-influencer platform, KOMACI Network Sdn Bhd (KOMACI), launched a new, first-of-its kind self-serve platform, KOMACI+, created to promote hassle-free micro influencer engagement with just a few clicks. 

Influencer marketing is far from a new concept with the word ‘influencer’ itself being officially added to the English dictionary earlier this year. As emotional creatures, humans are more often than not, emotionally driven as they make their purchasing decisions. 

The use of micro influencers in marketing marketing strategies have become a lot more common as smaller businesses with lower marketing budgets are turning to these micro influencers, who tend to charge less compared to macro influencers, to promote their products or services. 

Designed to empower increasingly digital and e-commerce inclined marketers and organisations to easily access and build long-term relationships with micro influencers, the KOMACI+ self-serve platform allows users to ideate and activate marketing campaigns, access the biggest pool of over 4,000 micro influencers in the region, and then create authentic content to reach intended audiences and demographics, all on one single smart platform. 

“Influencer marketing is projected to become a US$ 5 to10 billion dollar market by 2020 worldwide,” KOMACI Network Chief Executive Officer, Ben Wong, said at the official launch event.

KOMACI Network Chief Executive Officer, Ben Wong, explains how KOMACI pushes boundaries for micro influencer engagement, both locally and in the region.

According to Ben, the increase in sponsored content across social media is a clear indication that consumers are turning to social media to survey for tips and recommendations from real-life people. 

What makes KOMACI+ valuable is the accessibility it offers. Eliminating issues such as limited access and high engagement fees involved when reaching out to influencers, the new self-serve platform narrows down the options based on the scale, budget and objective of the user’s marketing and brand campaign. 

With its AI-powered targeting tools, KOMACI+ helps both experienced and novice marketers to quickly identify and engage with the right, authenticated micro influencers who best fit not only by their audience demographics such as age and gender, but also by audience psychographics based on interests, activities and opinions such as fashion sense, dining style, gadget preferences, traveling behaviours and more. The platform also streamlines the management of multiple micro influencers and tracking of each influencer’s reach through a centralised management system. 

KOMACI+ affirms our mission to democratise the access to all types of micro influencers through a data-driven platform with easy user interface,” Ben said. “Using the enhanced features in the new platform, which are powered by AI technology, brands can now search for the most relevant influencers that match their brand image, industry and budget of their marketing campaign, to achieve higher brand engagement.” 

Other unique features of KOMACI+ are its real time analytics and payment transparency. Users will be able to access real-time campaign performance, reporting and measurement to ensure the campaign is executed effectively to drive maximum value from investment. Additionally, both users and influencers will be able to track payment status through a dedicated dashboard. 

According to Business Insider Intelligence, the influencer marketing space is expected to reach USD10 billion by 2022, from USD2 billion in 2017. 

The launch event, which was held at Zouk Club KL in conjunction with KOMACI’s first anniversary, was attended by over 200 micro influencers. The KOMACI+ self-serve micro-influencer platform is now open for registration for the free version. 

For more information on the platform, visit: https://komacinetwork.com

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