Burberry and BBH China release visually stunning CNY short film on journey of discovery and renewal

As Chinese New Year (CNY) 2021 approaches, we’re constantly on a hunt for festive ads that move us emotionally and stun us visually. British luxury fashion house, Burberry released a short film that follow a journey of discovery and renewal starring brand ambassadors Zhou Dongyu and Song Weilong.

The six and a half minute film is by BBH China and directed Derek Tsang, who also directed the award-winning movie, Better Days.

The film revolves around the theme of spring which marks the arrival of CNY, while most of the world remains under some form of a lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The film opens with a young girl venturing outside, experiencing what spring feels like and then follows her as she grows up and learns that there is no sweetness without bitterness in life.

The film was released on 18 January and for those of you who’d like a preview of what the film looks like, here’s a 60-minute trailer, from Campaign Asia. Otherwise, watch the full video here:

In other news, MARKETING Magazine is officially accepting submissions for the it’s annual Experts’ Choice Awards for CNY 2021.

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