IKEA and The Shanghai Rainbow Chamber Uplifts China with a Song of Hope

As reported in the news, families in China are going through some tough times, including an ongoing battle against COVID19, with constant en masse lockdowns in key cities and regions.

To raise spirits in this tough time, IKEA has commissioned China’s popular choir The Shanghai Rainbow Chamber Singers to cheer the nation up, with a song and music video called “Dining Table”.

With limited space in city home, families in lockdown often need to repurpose their dining table for online meetings, e-learning classes and the daily tasks life brings. Being cooped up together in small spaces for months, have seen families in China battle with depression and stress that comes with lockdown.

IKEA’s new film with the song “Dining Table”, depicts a family taking matters into their own hands, to make home happen around their dining table. They transform their table from a ‘stage of chaos and frustration’ into a place of joy and positivity.

The film also features families and friends gathered around dining tables across China, to inspire everyone to stay positive through the tough times. Because it’s the people that are with you through good times and bad that make up your home and family.

The video finally transports the dining table into Ikea’s showroom, with a price tag marked ‘priceless’ to drive the inspirational message home.

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