A Hot Air Balloon landing in the middle of Bukit Bintang KL City Center for DASHING Bad Boyz #BreakFreeKL Youth Street Art Festival

As Athalia, an upcoming Malaysian Artiste watched; a life sized Hot Air Balloon emblazoned with a giant banner reading  “DASHING Bad Boyz #BreakFreeKL Youth Street Art Festival by MYC.my x LalaPort” slowly descended onto the rooftop park of LaLaPort Bukit Bintang KL City Center. “This is Crazzyy .. and surreal!” she giggled aloud.

This was the setting for the 1st fully immersive Street Art Experience enabled by DASHING Bad Boyz and choreographed by MYC.my, held at LalaPort Bukit BIntang KL.

This exceptional event, a tribute to United Nations International Youth Day, was designed to revolutionize perceptions of street art, seamlessly blending it with cutting-edge Augmented Reality technology where Art comes to Live.

With robust support from Venue Partner LaLaport BBCC, Coca-Cola, and DPI Anchor spray paints, the #BreakFreeKL Youth Street Art Festival cast an illuminating spotlight upon Malaysia’s Top-10 graffiti artists, an assemblage of remarkable talents including the likes of @akid_one, @snozze, @abdulrashade, @escapeva, @asmoeroc, @lowkey.graff, @_nestwo, @siek27, @katun_, and @andha.ras.

The artists’ previous fame include works like “Stranger Things” Petaling Street and Chris Brown (NFT) Art.

Notably, the festival succeeded in setting a new record for the most Augmented Reality Scanned Art Festival in Malaysia, with the esteemed acknowledgment of the Malaysian Book of Records. The award was received by Devarshi Dalmia (Marketing Manager) and other members of Team DASHING

Amplifying the thrill of the event, the #BreakFreeKL Youth Street Art Graffiti Contest was also an “experience canvas” which invited the creative potential of 10 university student teams from prestigious institutions including ASWARA University, Malaysian Institution of Art, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, University College Sedaya International (UCSI), Saito University College, and UiTM Puncak Alam.

Eagerly vying for the highly sought-after title of the best graffiti artwork, these teams; learning from experienced Malaysian Artists were also entitled to win from RM 1,000 each for 3 winning teams and RM 500 each for 3 consolation prizes and DASHING Bad Boys Rebel, Fierce and Wild fragrance range for all participating Teams.

Not to mention the experience of working as a Live Artist in public for Malaysians and tourists alike. The prizes were handed over by Team DASHING’s Devarshi Dalmia, Jade Young and Mariah Omar.

Visitors were treated to a breathtaking golden Sunset view of the KL city skyline against which stood out a Hot Air Balloon in the center of Kuala Lumpur, Attendees participated with ad hoc picnics on the grass with live music from busker team Monocort.

Full Immersion of the Human Senses – Sight (Art), Scent (DASHING Bad Boyz perfume which shot out fragrant cologne at every Live Graffiti Wall), Sound (Music), Taste (Flea Market Vendors), Touch (Spray Paint) – was open to experience by every participant, making the #BreakFreeKL festival an extraordinary journey that stimulates all facets of human perception.

This unique amalgamation of sensory experiences is meticulously crafted to transport attendees into a world where creativity and innovation coalesce seamlessly with our human senses.

Elevating the festival’s allure, attendees experienced the soul-stirring performance by the talented local singer, Athalia Deena Buswani (@officialathalia). As a distinguished artist under the banner of Universal Music Malaysia, Athalia’s captivating melodies promise to provide the ideal musical accompaniment, enriching the vibrant ambience of the day.

For those who sought a physical outlet for their energy, a public spray paint area and a “Rage Room” inspired by the iconic “Purge” movies were also on site, offering a unique and therapeutic way to release pent-up emotions. Visitors also had a chance to sample the new range of fragrances Bad Boyz launched by Dashing.

The #BreakFreeKL Youth Street Art Festival according to Jason Ko, CEO of organizer MYC.my. “This was where we wanted to design an interactive Youth Street Art Festival that was safe and law abiding and could parallel the experiences usually reserved for Cities like Melbourne or Sydney or London but now held in our Kuala Lumpur.

We wanted to showcase that Malaysians are capable to host a creative arts festival without offending any national sensitivities and yet be appreciated by the many local and foreign visitors who came on that day.”

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