Ushering the Year of the Rat with Director’s Think Tank

Production House of the Year Director’s Think Tank (DTT) had a strong
start to the festive content circuit, ushering the Year of the Rat with a series of diverse films. In addition to heartwarming storytelling, DTT continues to challenge the conventional approach to filmmaking, featuring holograms and creating a 360 immersive experience.

MDEC’s #Kita Malaysia, directed by Maurice Noone, uses actual in-camera holograms to tell the story of a young boy innovating the traditional lion dance to create a unique experience that brings everyone together. The storyline brings to life MDEC’s vision to empower Malaysians by supporting local tech champions and encouraging digital innovation.

MDEC’s campaign

Disrupting the traditional festive narrative is Coca Cola’s innovative Let Coca-Cola Surround Your Home with Prosperity and Happiness, which uses 360 video to invite users to fully immerse themselves into a family’s Reunion Dinner. Also directed by Noone, the film creates the feeling of the viewer being a part of the celebration that also features the new Coke can designs of Fu, Lu and Shou.

Coca-cola campaign

New to DTT’s directing roster, Kiran Koshy also makes his mark with two films for Oreo, inviting fans of the iconic cookie to unleash their playful side this Lunar New Year. The first is a regional spot for Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan introducing the new Red Velvet Oreo in conjunction with the festivities.

The second film created for Tết, the Vietnamese Lunar New Year, is part of the global Play with Oreo campaign. It features the new Oreo gift box and accompanying Oreo music sheet, which when scanned by a smartphone with a cookie placed on the sheet, plays a set of popular Vietnamese tunes.

Oreo campaign

Finally, going back to storytelling mastery and craft is Sling Ng’s Tiny Prayer for Coway, which is featured in Marketing Magazine’s Top 20 CNY ads for 2020. The film tells the story of a young boy using his ingenuity to bring prosperity and longevity to his family. It ends with carefully illustrated narratives explaining popular Lunar New Year traditions.

“It’s great that we can entertain, innovate, experiment, and also pull at the audience’s heart strings by going to core of storytelling. All in one festive season!” said Ng. “Being able to be so diverse in the many stories that we tell is what motivates us. We’re looking forward to crafting the next set of films for the upcoming Raya season.”

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