Tourplus Launches Malaysia’s 1 st Personalized Travel App

8 months ago

Tourplus unveiled its customer app to assist more foreign travellers and Malaysians to travel within Malaysia and explore with personalized travels.

The app allows travellers to plan and personalize their holiday without needing to worry about security, language barrier(s), and local knowledge as our local guides will be present to assist.

The company has over 2,700 licensed tour guides around Southeast Asia, poised to provide a safe travel experience that is curated to the user. The launch was officially endorsed by Datuk Mohamaddin bin Ketapi, Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture Malaysia and Dato’ Mohmed Razip Hasan, Deputy Director General (Promotion) and attended by Rickson Goh, CEO & Founder of Tourplus, Dato’ Goh Hin San, President of Han Culture Malaysia, Yong Yeng, Operations Manager of Tourplus, Jimmy Lim, Director of Tourplus and Mr. Jitang Chang, Chairman of Oversea Chinese Media And Communications Co. Ltd.

In support of Malaysia Tourism 2020, Tourplus also signed a strategic partnership with Oversea Chinese Media and Communications Co.Ltd to promote Malaysia Tourism to China tourists and this is aligned in achieving this common goal, whilst simultaneously attracting tourists from China and all over the globe to experience first-hand the warm hospitality and numerous tourist attractions Malaysia is well-known for.

“Tourplus gives everyone the opportunity and freedom to personalize their travel experience by using the app’s Multiday Tour function,” said Rickson Goh, Founder & CEO of Tourplus.

Transparent Travel Plans for Peace of Mind

Transparency is key to travelers with Tourplus. Everyone has access to detailed travel itineraries of places, from time to price and honest reviews by other travellers around the world. The app provides private guides and customizable itineraries that are verified and reviewed.

Service Features

Tourplus provides various services such as airport transfer, day tour, multi day tour, and attractions ticketing, which allows travelers to book in advance and even last minute.

The difference between Tourplus compared to other OTA in the region is that Tourplus connects travellers directly to guides, within the Tourplus app. Once you book an airport transfer or day tour / multiday tour, Tourplus’ assignment system will automatically assign you to an available guide within two hours, unlike normal OTA which takes 24 hours in advance to confirm tours.

Rickson believes this will ease the free independent travelers (FIT) to
personalize their travel itinerary and experience by using Tourplus.
“Nowadays travelers want their trips to be personalized. They want to be in control of where they go, what they want to eat and what activities they would like to participate in, and most of the time, the decision is made on the go or at the last minute, so, in order to ease the process and provide convenience, we created the Tourplus app which gives them the opportunity to pick and choose as they please.” Rickson Goh explained.

Travel Like a Local / Local Experiences

Malaysia is a melting pot of food and hidden gems, Tourplus app gives travelers the chance to discover those places and be pleasantly surprised. Our guides can take you to the “in” spots where there is good local food, breathtaking sceneries, local experiences, and activities, from the neighbourhood, walks to traditional dining venues and everything in between.

Download the Tourplus app, which is currently available on the Google Play Store, today and start planning your first personalized trip around the country!