Thailand’s leading online publishers launch new advertising alliance, OPPA

OPPA, Thailand’s first premium publisher co-operative launched today, allowing brands to access a highly coveted inventory from some of the country’s largest and most influential media properties via the latest programmatic technology.

The new alliance has selected digital marketing company, D.A. Consortium Inc (DAC) and digital media solutions provider Innity as its official consultant and technology partner respectively to handle all its digital advertising inventory, ensuring the quality and safety of the inventories available.

OPPA brings together 12 of Thailand’s leading publishers who are BEC-TERO, Dek-D, Kapook, Manager, MThai, Nation, OTV, Pantip, Post Today, Sanook, SiamSport, and Thairath. Combined, OPPA has a monthly reach of over 1.8 billion page views and 5 billion ad impressions. OPPA reaches 70% of the internet population in the country, making it the perfect solution for highly localise campaigns.

Through the new co-operative, Innity’s self-serve technology gives advertisers direct access to OPPA’s pool of highly engaged 100 million monthly active users. This allows clients to effectively target their ideal audience based on precise audience segments. With partners sharing their first-party data, OPPA will also be able to offer advertisers the ability to truly understand their audience, delivering campaigns to granular audiences, and creating deeper connections with readers. Advertisers will be able to liaise with just one point of contact via the Innity self-serve platform for all publishers within the alliance.

The co-op also aims to encourage the adoption and education of automation in Thailand’s digital media industry and enable the publishers to compete with larger digital competitors.

Fabian Looa, COO and co-founder of Innity, commented, “We are excited that OPPA has selected Innity, with our self-serve platform, as its technology and automation partner. Co-operatives are a proven way for publishers to aggregate their inventory and compete effectively in the digital space. The launch of OPPA will further fuel the growth of digital advertising spend in Thailand. We are happy to be a part of this initiative to increase the programmatic transactions of high-quality premium inventory in Thailand.”

“In the global digital advertising market, there is a growing trend towards audience targeting and programmatic buying. Major global platforms which are innovating in these areas play a big part in pushing the growth of digital ad spend. Amidst the global emergence of data marketing, however, the Thai market still lacks a trustworthy and scalable inventory pool offering quality data to advertisers. Through OPPA, our team of publishers are eager to rectify this situation and bring quality data, as well as inventory, to the table,” said Waroros “Note” Rojana, co-founder and CEO of Dek-d Interactive.

“Thailand currently does not have a qualified and scalable inventory pool that utilises valid data. Furthermore, apart from first-party data, there is very little data available in the market. The inventory and data OPPA aims to will be able to address this need and offer innovative and open-minded marketers with additional options to run effective campaigns.

In other words, OPPA will help publishers grow their business by using the assets they already own, which are premium advertising spaces, audiences, and data.” said Henry Liang, head of strategic partnerships and businesses, Sanook Online.

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