Sunway Pyramid revamps its customer service team with flight attendants

sumway customer care

( – Soaring to new heights in customer service excellence, a fleet of flight attendants recently decided to be grounded by joining Sunway Pyramid’s Customer Care team.

“From the moment a customer steps into the mall, we strive to provide world class service through our touching hearts philosophy to create a warm, welcoming and wholesome lifestyle experience. We value the different needs of each and every customer in spite of background, gender and age,” said Kevin Tan, Chief Operating Officer of Sunway Malls.

“Flight attendants are rigorously trained to maintain top-notch quality service while upholding safety. Whether in the air or on-ground, they are highly skilled to manage difficult situations while delivering crucial instructions in case of emergency” he added.

For Customer Care Executive Ivy Loke, 42, her entry into Sunway Pyramid came as a stroke of luck after leaving the Malaysian Airlines cabin crew in 2014.

“After serving as a flight attendant for 19 years, I left the airline due to family commitments. Two years later, I decided to re-join the workforce and put my experience to use. In a shopping mall environment, customer service is challenging in different ways as the management places utmost importance on meeting the demands of all customers,” she said.

Ivy enjoys her new line of work as it enables her to expand her skills in developing customer care initiatives.

“Sunway Pyramid is an exciting place to work. Every day is different and you will never know what to expect. We’ve had unforgettable incidents such as a baby born in the mall to a cat stuck in the hood of a car, however what makes the experience different is the team that journeys alongside,” she said.

In total, Sunway Malls has employed eight former flight attendants from a local carrier, with four in Sunway Pyramid and four in Sunway Velocity, due to open in Q4 2016.

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