Emplifi debuts next-level Social Customer Care

emplifi social customer care

Emplifi, the leading unified customer experience platform, is enabling brands to provide on social media and messaging apps, with the launch of Emplifi Social Care.

Part of the Emplifi Unified CX Platform, Emplifi Social Care empowers teams outside of the service center to help support the volume of customer requests that come in across social media channels.

Now, marketing, brand and product teams can respond to customer cases using a powerful combination of chatbot technology and intuitive case management tools, elevating social customer care while boosting performance.

When customers need one-to-one assistance that goes beyond the intelligent chatbot experience, Emplifi Social Care automatically connects them to a live advisor to instantly address their needs. Now teams of retail consultants, product specialists, or brand ambassadors have all they need to queue, route, manage and resolve customer requests at scale from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp and other social platforms.

“Today, people use social media and messaging for nearly everything — discovering new products, researching purchases, sharing their experiences, and receiving service and support,” said Alex George, Chief Product Officer at Emplifi. “Emplifi Social Care enables enterprises to serve customers with that immediate social experience, helping to drive a much better customer experience across digital channels.”

With changing consumer trends and rapid digitalization during the pandemic, customer expectations have also evolved. Many expect a resolution at the first interaction and more than one-third of consumers expect short-response time and knowledgeable representatives.

In Asia, consumers rely heavily on social media to seek customer support rather than contacting business call centers, hotlines or sending an email. This is unsurprising considering the strong adoption of social platforms in the region, namely in South Korea (89.3%), Malaysia (86%), Hong Kong (85.6%) and Singapore (84.4%), where social media penetration is high.

According to research from Braze, Asian brands are proactively investing more in improving customer experience (CX) than their western counterparts, and 88% already rank their customer engagement efforts as “good” or “excellent.

However, there is misalignment between brand and consumer perceptions, with a Forrester study highlighting that only 16% of consumers in the region experienced interactions that exceeded their expectations.

varun sharma vp emplifi apac marketing magazine asia
Varun Sharma, Vice President, Asia Pacific & Japan, Emplifi

“Optimizing CX has never been more critical for local brands”, said Varun Sharma, Vice President, Asia Pacific and Japan, Emplifi. “While providing prompt customer support across multiple platforms may seem overwhelming, it can greatly improve brand loyalty and foster long-term relationships with customers, if done correctly.”

“With our latest launch, we support brands to deliver such seamless, impactful customer experiences across multiple touchpoints that improve overall business performance and make consumers feel heard”, added Varun.

Emplifi Social Care integrates directly with Emplifi Social Marketing Cloud and comes standard with Emplifi Social Commerce Cloud. It also integrates with Emplifi Service Cloud to ensure more complex customer cases can be managed by service departments without losing context or continuity.

  • eCommerce teams can step in at crucial points during the purchasing process, offering timely information that helps boost conversion rates and increase average order values.
  • Social media marketing teams who outgrow community management tools can leverage Emplifi Social Care to help provide greater assistance with an instant view of the customer’s history, and one-click access to relevant product information, policies, FAQs, and more.
  • Cases can be escalated to Emplifi Service Cloud anytime, equipping live agents with a full customer profile and context, so customers never have to repeat themselves. Emplifi’s Service Cloud provides businesses with enterprise-class case management, customer engagement tools and workflows.

Emplifi Social Care provides managers and administrators with real-time dashboards to monitor and analyze the volume of cases across social media channels, including the ability to route customer comments and queries to the right teams based on priority, channel, and other custom business rules – as well as assign permissions to teams or individuals.

Administrators can configure what actions each team or advisor can take to optimize outcomes, while ensuring governance at all times.

To learn more about Emplifi Social Care, or request a free trial, read more here.

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