Publicis One to roll out 2 new agencies

3 years ago

Publicis One powers on with five-phase plan to bolster Malaysia business
Publicis One plans to launch two more agencies in 2018 as part of its five-phase plan.

CEO of Publicis One Malaysia, Tan Kien Eng

CEO of Publicis One Malaysia, Tan Kien Eng, announced that the group is launching two new agencies in 2018.
In a meeting with MARKETING, Kien said, “Publicis One has completed the first three of its 5-phase and the other two phases will be implemented this year. The launch of Prodigious in November 2017, was part of one of the phases we successfully excecuted in the agency.”
With people being at the core of this plan, Publicis One has been leveraging its existing strengths to complement the new challenges brought on by the fast-changing industry.
“This plan is enabling us to leverage on our potential that already exists, which may not have been tapped. That is our key objective,” stated Kien.
The launch of Prodigious serves as a creative content solution hub to help brands meet the challenges of an increasingly diverse, complex and global media landscape through design, production and delivery of brand content across all channels, using the best tools possible.
“In today’s world, clients are diversifying. When you compare today’s situation to twenty years ago, a client would come up to you and say let’s do 3 television commercials. Now, a client would ask for not only 3 television commercials, but also 30 web or video content versions. However, the budget is the same. So, how as an agency do we apply ourselves to that?” asks Kien, talking about the birth of Prodigious.
He added that from June 2017 onwards, Publicis One has stopped entering award contests since it believes winning awards is not everything. Instead, the network will be channeling its funds to incorporate technology to enable them to cater to their clients needs.
All Publicis One agencies have moved into one central location in Menara Olympia in line with its strategic reorganisation towards easier access to experts in their respective domains. This enables its various agencies to work together and communicate effectively.