Entropia- breaking the mould, seizing the future

Agility and inventive- keywords for the 2018 journey
The 2017 advertising industry of Malaysia, amongst many disruptors, will also be remembered for Entropia’s brave new foray into the creative by a media agency.
Unwilling to be defined by any tag, be it creative, digital or ‘traditional’ media, Prashant Kumar, Entropia’s award-winning CEO, is happy that his agency is described as the “digital transformation consultant,” by his clients.
Talking to MARKETING, in the January, 2018, inaugural issue of the magazine’s new tabloid version, Prashant said. “Yes, we are a media agency; but we are also a new-age creative, social and content agency-with a whole lot of clients who are looking for the best of both worlds-old world insightful storytelling, married with new age data and technology.”
Sixteen months ago, in a combustive fit of euphoria, Prashant left his high-profile role as President of IPG Mediabrands Asia World Markets and CEO of IPG Mediabrands Malaysia, to dive into Malaysia’s wilderness.
And he found his path. And a team too. Along with a team of confident, and multi-faceted leaders, driven by CAPRI cultural system (CAPRI standing for Curious, Agile, Playful, Relentless, Inventive), Prashant has managed economic headwinds, won pitches, increased the agency’s clients from 6 to 27, became a mid-sized company from a scratch without any global hand-me-downs.
Not just that, “Entropia is looking at healthy profits in our first year,” added Prashant.
Talking about what makes Entropia’s work different, Prashant said, “Our innovation has been recognized by not just one or two clients but by all major clients. There’s no one way in which we are different but yes there are some common themes: strategic relevance of ideas, new age innovations, outcome, centricity etc.
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