MSIG’s latest CNY advert pulls on the heartstrings with road safety story

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General insurers, MSIG Insurance (Malaysia) Bhd has produced a sentimental Chinese New Year advert which is aimed at the hearts and heads of Malaysian drivers this holiday season.

In the advert, a grandfather asks his grandson to collect a precious “parcel” for him. To ensure the “parcel” arrives safe and sound, he reminds his grandson to get his tyres checked before the trip, stay alert and drive safely. He also cautions his grandson against playing with his phone or speeding while driving to avoid any risk or damage to the special “parcel.”

When the grandson arrives at his grandfather’s, he asks what is in the parcel that is so valuable. At this point, the grandfather sweetly reveals that, all along, what was precious was his grandson who has safely returned home.

Mr Chua Seck Guan, Chief Executive Officer, of MSIG Malaysia, said, “Chinese New Year is always one of the busiest times on the roads and unfortunately accidents do happen. That’s why we crafted this video which aims to remind people that ‘Loved Ones Are Waiting’ — especially during holiday season. We hope it helps people be more mindful and careful on the roads and contributes to improving Malaysia’s road safety record in line with MSIG’s support for UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 3. We wish our customers and all Malaysians a happy and safe festive period. Gong Xi Fa Cai.”

Why is this important: As one of Malaysia’s leading motor insurers MSIG is committed to road safety. The creation of this emotive advert is one of a number of initiatives that MSIG has embraced in the past year as part of its commitment to UN SDG 3  and its aim to reduce road traffic accidents.

What MSIG has announced: MSIG has worked with Plus Community Partnership to create the advert which is viewable on MSIG Malaysia YouTube channel. Previously, MSIG has collaborated with Plus Community to sponsor prosthetic limbs for road traffic accident victims.

Furthermore, through collaboration with Plus Community, MSIG was able to provide a platform for visually impaired photographers to shine by sharing their unique perspectives on road safety in MSIG’s 2020 corporate calendar and diaries.

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