A woman scorned or unusual advert? Billboard in TTDI of ‘cheating husband’ goes viral

Just recently, a Malaysian wife (now former) sent a message to his husband via a billboard in TTDI, KL, informing him that she was aware of his affair which she witnessed at a co-working space.

Stunt or no stunt, the husband has since responded to his partner, who is apparently filing for a divorce with the help of a lawyer.

The husband, Kevin, clarified what happened in one of the rooms at the co-working space.

“To my beautiful, caring but suspicious angel, I was merely drinking coffee with my friends.”

According to the messages on the billboard, Kevin admitted that he purposely chose a room with windows because he had nothing to hide, and nothing happened.

In response to his wife, Shin Yi’s decision to call off the marriage, Kevin appeared calm and told her exactly what he was going to do next.

He’s going to convince Shin Yi’s lawyer that divorce is not the best option to sort out the matter. The best thing for the partner to do is to continue being together.

“I’m going to convince your lawyer, just like how I convinced you that I am indeed, the perfect man for you. Sincerely, your beloved husband, Kevin.” he ended the message with a kiss emoji to ‘soften’ the woman’s heart.

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