Talentbank Reveals National Graduate Employability Index to Guide Youths in Choosing Universities That Enhance Job Prospects After Graduation

Talentbank, a national talent ecosystem enabler, proudly unveiled its groundbreaking National Graduate Employability Index (Talentbank’s GE Index) at the 6th Graduates’ Choice Award Presentation Gala, recently hosted at Sunway Resorts Hotel.

This significant event, which drew around 1,000 esteemed attendees from leading multinational corporations and premier educational institutions, showcased a prominent gathering of leaders from both academia and industry.

The attendees included vice-chancellors, deputy vice chancellors, registrars, career services practitioners, professors, and deans, among others, with a significant representation of 30 vice chancellors from higher education institutions across the country.

The GE Index, a pioneering initiative by Talentbank, aims to transform how the youths plan their careers and assist universities in tailoring curricula to meet evolving industry demands. This significant development was launched in the presence of esteemed guests: Yang Berbahagia Dato’ Dr. Haji Megat Sany bin Megat Ahmad Supian, Deputy Secretary General (Policy) of the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia, and Yang Berusaha Professor Dr. Azlinda binti Azman, Director General of Higher Education, alongside Talentbank’s CEO, Ben Ho.

“Through the Talentbank’s GE Index, Talentbank is taking a significant step towards addressing graduate unemployment in Malaysia,” Ben Ho commented. “We believe in initiating career planning early in the educational journey, not just in the final university year.

This proactive approach will enable students to make informed decisions about their education and future career paths, enhancing their career readiness upon graduation.”

Initiated in 2020, the Talentbank’s GE Index research is based on extensive surveys with top graduate employers, focusing on their university recruitment preferences. This three-year endeavour involved meticulous planning, comprehensive proof of concept development, and strategic market introduction to ensure the methodology’s validity and the results’ reliability.

The insights from this process are crucial in evaluating how well universities prepare graduates for the job market.

Talentbank’s GE Index stands out as a comprehensive tool in assessing graduate employability across Malaysia. Employing a unique tripartite methodology, the GE Index provides a holistic view of how well universities are preparing their students for the workforce.

This methodology includes three key aspects: firstly, identifying the universities that employers typically recruit from, secondly, quantifying the number of graduates hired from each university, and thirdly, evaluating the frequency of recurring hires based on positive performance. Far surpassing the scope of a mere survey, the GE Index serves as a vital career guide, strategically designed to reshape the way students approach their educational journeys.

Its primary aim is to significantly reduce the rate of graduate unemployment in Malaysia, offering a proactive roadmap for students to align their education with real-world job market demands.

The event concluded with Ho and his team expressing their appreciation to the attendees and reaffirming their dedication to improving graduate employability in Malaysia.

Talentbank’s National Graduate Employability Index is an independent, apolitical centre of research and consultancy well versed in the graduate employability terrain. It evaluates thousands of leading graduate employers in key industry sectors to understand the employment trends amongst the graduates.

Talentbank GE Index is focused on increasing the knowledge and practical experience to encourage better employability for the nation.

For more information about Talentbank’s National Graduate Employability Index, please visit https://www.talentbankgroup.com.

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