McDonald’s Malaysia openly disses the ghost pepper promo from KFC

Of late, everyone is upping the ante in the spice space; more so with McDonald’s Malaysia. The long-running fight, with many historic matches already taking place, is now officially in the open, taking aim at KFC’s Ghost Pepper, all thanks to this:

It’s a literal parody of KFC Malaysia’s latest promotion of its Ghost Pepper flavour. Of course, this is all done with McDonald’s Malaysia renowned playfulness.

Of course, instead of creating a new product to compete, McDonald’s put one of its best-sellers in the ring; specifically the Spicy Chicken McDeluxe. For most fans of both fast-food brands, this long-running spicy chicken sandwich is high on the pain-scale; higher than what KFC puts out for its ghost pepper offerings.

It’s a fun visual but feels a little inappropriate since it isn’t Halloween or anywhere close to Chinese Ghost Festival. While done in black and white, the ghost art is pretty cute and catchy enough to make it fun.

Text by: Victor Yap 

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