KFC Bucket Session Taps Into Experiences To Defy Differences With Commonalities

Over the years, KFC’s very own ‘The Bucket Sessions’ have always displayed Malaysia’s never-ending spirit of togetherness. It would feature individuals coming together, building the bridge between strangers, families and long-lost friends.

However, this year, the brand alongside their creative agency NagaDDB Tribal, wanted to put a spin on the idea by tackling the current social climate and showcase the clear disparity and discomfort between two individuals who embody different values.

“For this year’s Hari Kebangsaan, it was important that we push the narrative of togetherness in a different light – to encourage people to focus on the things that unite us instead of the things that divide us.

After all, Colonel Sanders once said – ‘there is a place for everyone at our table.’ It’s about inclusivity isn’t it? We all have a place at the table of Malaysia.

And if a brand can see itself as a canvas for optimism and positivity, over time, brands become legacies. That’s our belief.” Alvin Teoh, Chief Creative Officer of NagaDDB Tribal.

Learning from the online disputes that Malaysians encountered over the years, the team wanted to challenge the narrative by illustrating that no matter how different our opinions are, we still possess similarities if we only look deeper into it.

We wanted to defy the stigma towards differences. It was no longer just about showing how well we can connect but rather tapping into our experiences and how that itself is what makes us the same.” explained Suryadipura Salleh, Creative Director of NagaDDB Tribal.”

In the 6-minute film, strangers from polar opposite backgrounds were paired to sit and converse with another. To break the awkwardness, cue cards were given with questions pertaining to their experiences and preferences.

Upon their exchange, when a commonality was discovered between the two, a KFC chicken would be placed in the bucket. The more chicken exists in the bucket, the more we uncover how many similarities exist within each other.

“The role of the brand has been quite central in showcasing how we as Malaysians have so many commonalities and unified experiences, which makes us not so different after all.

Whether young or old, from all communities and all walks of life, the essence of KFC is to bring people together and help create great moments.” said Chan May Ling, Chief Marketing Officer of KFC Malaysia.

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